Sunday, November 28, 2010

Week in Review: Thanksgiving Edition

Sunday 11/21 - Other than church, Luke and I didn't go anywhere on Sunday. I spent the day cleaning the house, getting ready for Christmas decorations.

Monday 11/22 - Honestly...I don't really remember what I did on Monday! Haha...usually I write my "Week in Review" post a little bit each day. But this week has been so crazy that I wasn't able to do that. I must not have done anything too significant if I can't remember it!

Tuesday 11/23 - This day was my last day of work before Thanksgiving Break. After an easy day of work, I came home, made dinner, and then went to connect group with Luke.

Wednesday 11/24 - The first day of break. I woke up early and headed to town to try to pick up all the last minute things I'd need for the long weekend, and to buy some Christmas decorations! I spent the day cleaning, crafting, and putting up our tree in the dining room. I made homemade mac & cheese for dinner while I waited for Luke to return home with our brand new couch! When he got there, a bunch of people came to help him bring the couch up. We set it up, ate dinner, and then had a bunch of other visitors who wanted to see the new couch. After that, Luke fell asleep on the couch while I stayed up until 2 working on Christmas cards. It was a very productive day!

Thursday 11/25 - Thanksgiving! I woke up and made a dessert to take to my grandparents' house. Then we headed out for the day, which was spent with family, traveling to 3 different destinations. We were gone from about 1 until 7 or 8, so it was a long day. But full of blessings! Later in the evening, I went to see a late 3D showing of Tangled with my mom and sister. It was an excellent movie! While I was there, Luke went to Walmart at midnight for some cheap blu-rays. When Luke got home, it was about 12:45 AM, and we both laid on the couch and watched Home Alone 2. We ended up going to bed at about 3:00 AM, and it was fun to stay up so late since we NEVER do that anymore. What a great Thanksgiving we had this year!

Friday 11/26 - First thing in the morning, we went out and bought our Christmas tree. We came home and set it up while we watched Christmas Vacation. Sarah came over to visit sometime in there, too! We finished watching the movie, ate some cake, and just caught up, because it had been forever since I had seen her! When it was time for Sarah to leave, I finished decorating our downstairs tree, and the rest of the house. Later, Luke and I went down to my grandma's apartment where my parents, aunt and sister were visiting. We ordered pizza, watched Pawn Stars, and talked. And that was our casual Thanksgiving get-together with that side of the family :-) It was nice. Luke and I then had some time to just relax at home later in the evening.

Saturday 11/27 - This was the day of the big Ohio State/Michigan game, and we were having a little get-together at our house for it. So early in the morning, I made a trip to the grocery store to get some food. I made pepperoni rolls and a chocolate chip cheese ball (recipe found at Kelly's Korner recipe blog). And a bunch of our friends came over to enjoy the game on our new couch! Ohio State won, of course ;-) It was a fun day! Later that evening, I went out with Luke's mom to see his cousin Leah in a show at her high school (the show was The Marvelous Wonderettes). She did AMAZING!! It was fun to see her up on stage :-)

Milestones this week: celebrated Thanksgiving, and put our trees up.

Movies I watched this week: A Muppet Christmas Carol (A), Tangled (A+), Home Alone 2 (A), Christmas Vacation (A)

Books I'm reading this week
: The Bible (Finished I Samuel, started II Samuel), and
The Lost World by Michael Crichton

Songs I'm loving this week
: Any and all Christmas music, especially TSO

Things I'm looking forward to next week
: The TSO concert on Sunday!! Enjoying the beginning of the Christmas season.


  1. Did I mention that I love your fancy downstairs tree? And your couch? I think I did earlier this week, but sometimes I comment in my head and am too lazy to type it out. So, yes! I love your tree and your couch!

  2. I love how excited you get about Christmas! Haha =) I also love that you adore Josh Groban as much as I do!! Your couch looks so beautiful...and I am sure Gabby is too fat to get on it and scratch it she might do to some of your visitors...hahaha....

  3. Beautiful tree! I can't wait to see Tangled!

  4. That tree looks amazing!! :-) I am so going to make that dip! Looks so yummy!


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