Monday, November 1, 2010

Date Night 2: Dinner and a Cavs Game

Next week is Luke's turn to pick our date night, but since he is having surgery and won't be up to doing much next week, he planned his date for this past Saturday. He took me out to eat and to a Cleveland Cavalier's game!

We started the evening going out to dinner at Steak and Shake. We both ordered frisco melts and fries, our usuals there. Always delicious. As usual, Luke ordered a shake to-go, and we were on our way to the game.
We had a nice car ride while Luke listened to football on the radio and I read Jurassic Park. As we neared the city, the sun was setting and it was a lovely evening.
We arrived in Cleveland and found a parking spot right away. But then had a short walk through the city to The Q. It was a nice little walk, because it was so beautiful out, though it was getting quite blustery!{Blurry cellphone pic}

It was a really fun night to be at The Q, because they had all kinds of fun Halloween things going on. A bunch of people dressed up, and it was fun to see all the costumes. There was everything from Frankenstein to Where's Waldo? to Teletubbies. And that was just the adults!

Before the game started, we spent a long time in the new Cavaliers Team Shop. It was really nice! Luke ended up buying a t-shirt, because he said he "needed" one in the team's new colors. I might have bought one too if they hadn't been so crazy expensive!

The game itself was fun! We had pretty decent seats in the first row of the upper deck. We had a great view of everything.

It was a little strange being at my first game after the Lebron James debacle. I kind of felt like it opened the wounds again, and it's all I could think about for the first few minutes of being in the arena. Ha! But once I got past that, I really enjoyed the evening. We played the Kings, and almost won, but just couldn't quite pull it out in the end. Oh well, the Cavs scored over 100 points, so that means all the fans scored free chalupas! Free stuff is better than a win in my book. My husband may not agree with that one...

I am having so much fun with this date night thing! I think we are both looking forward to our time together more, and we are really enjoying thinking of fun things to do. I never realized how important it is to spend special time together, just the two of us. I think every couple should have at least one date night every week just to reconnect.

What are some of the favorite dates you've ever been on?

Date night #1


  1. Looks like a fun date night! Happy you two get a chance to do this!! So great!

  2. it's so great that you guys share the date planing :-) So fun!
    One of our favorite dates each year is decorating our Christmas tree. We try to make a date day of it :-) It's wonderful!

  3. That looks like fun! I think we really need to establish a weekly date night in our house - it's been forever since we've been out.


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