Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010: Year in Review: Summer and Fall

Summer 2010:

We rang in the summer on Memorial Day weekend with more parties than we could keep straight! It was a beautiful, warm weekend, and perfect for the start of summer!

Right after Memorial Day weekend, I had my last week of school. I LOVED being on summer vacation! What a needed time to rest and recuperate from those crazy kids!

This summer was filled with a lot of softball games, as always. Luke played in two leagues this year, so it kept us busy lots of weeknights. It's always fun, though, to watch the guys play, and to talk with the wives/sisters/moms/girlfriends of the players during the game.

With June came some new exciting times for Luke and I. We started some exciting endeavors, including our search for a new car! (Although we didn't find one until much later).

June was also the month when my sister became engaged!! I'm so happy for her, and excited for her wedding in June of 2011.

We rang in July with a wonderful camping trip to Kelley's Island for the fourth of July. This was such a great weekend! I had so much fun resting, relaxing, reading, swimming, sunbathing, stargazing, etc. This was one of the best weekends of the year.
Next up was our 2-year anniversary. We spent it going out to dinner to a fancy Italian restaurant with my parents, and then on the actual day of our anniversary, Luke took the day off, we went to see Toy Story 3 in 3D, ate lunch at Chilis, and then took a trip to Pittsburgh to go to IKEA! I should mention that this fun day was following another day spent at Cedar Point with Luke's family. It was so much fun!
I guess I can't mention July without mentioning the big "Decision" made by Lebron James. It's crazy how big of a deal it was, but he sure proved himself to be a jerk!
This summer was also the time that I made one of the best friends ever: Sarah. Both of us were/are going through hard times, and we found that we could confide in each other. And although our situations are very different, we really bonded through our experiences. I'm so thankful for a friend like Sarah!!
In August, Luke and I solved a problem that had been plaguing us for a year. We got rid of our lemon of a Volkswagen Passat, and we bought a Ford Fusion! We LOVE our car, and I promise you we sleep better at night without that added stress, too!
Also in August, I saw one of my dreams realized when I went to see The Phantom of the Opera. It was such a fun day! I went with family members + Sarah (who I basically consider a family-member :-)).
The summer ended with a fun Labor Day weekend. We again went to lots of parties, and then went to the Canfield Fair.
Summer 2010 came with it's fair share of difficulties, but was one summer I'll never forget. Even though I was going through that hard time (that I still can't write about. haha) I loved almost every minute of it. I grew closer to friends, family, Luke, and especially the Lord, and made memories I will never forget.

And finally, rounding out the year:

Fall 2010:

I started a new school year in a new classroom.

I enjoyed all of the "fall things" I love during my favorite time of year: pumpkins, apples, fall scents, fall foods, brisk weather, etc. I loved it all.

I got very involved in my new adventure serving on the campaign committee, and spent a lot of time with that. I've been really enjoying it!

Sarah and I had many girls nights in September where we made lots of good food, watched good movies, had good conversations, and laughed until our faces hurt and tears were streaming down them.

At the end of the month of September, Luke and I took a spontaneous day trip to Columbus for the Ohio State vs. Ohio University game. It was so much fun, but felt like the hottest fall-day ever!
I had my annual fall cookie baking day to ring in October. This year, Sarah helped me. We made lots of tasty masterpieces!
At the end of the month of October, Luke and I started our weekly date night idea. It has been such a blessing since that time! Our first two date nights were some of the best: our pumpkin-carving night, and our trip to a Cavs game the day before Halloween.
November began with Luke's surgery. It was a stressful day, but the surgery went so well! Praise God.

Later that week was my 26th birthday. I had a great birthday, even though it's the first year that my birthday freaked me out, because I'm so much closer to 30 than 20 now!

November is also when "The Great Couch Debacle" happened. We bought a couch only to find that it didn't fit in our doorway! And we ripped it in the process. Luckily we were able to return the couch and pick out another. One that fit this time!
To end November, we celebrated Thanksgiving and then bought our Christmas tree. This is one of the best Thanksgivings, the whole long weekend included.
We rang in the Christmas season with our annual TSO Christmas concert in Cleveland. What a fun, festive night!
This Christmas season we spent lots of time with family at parties and Christmas cookie-baking days. I had so much fun during my favorite time of year!
We ended the year with an amazing Christmas!! Followed by a week-long trip to Colorado for Luke and his band, while I stayed home and spent lots of time with family.

Tomorrow I will post the final part of my Year in Review posts: my milestones and favorites.


  1. You guys had a fun Summer/Fall! Love all the pictures! :-)

  2. I love your year in review! How fun!


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