Sunday, December 19, 2010

Week in Review: Snow Day and Cookies

Sunday 12/12 - We went out to eat at Hot Dog Shoppe with a bunch of people after church. As always, it was delicious! Once we got home, a snow storm started, so we spent the whole day in the house where it was nice and cozy.

Monday 12/13 - The blizzard was picking up speed by Monday morning, so my school had a 2-hour delay! It was great. While at work, the snow didn't stop for a second, and by the end of the day, it was absolutely gorgeous. Although it was not fun driving home! I stayed snuggled in my warm house all night. I worked on the final church campaign newsletter for about 3 hours and then I made potato soup for dinner, did my housework for the evening, and then got in my pajamas early and watched episodes of Glee on my computer. It was such a wonderful evening! I LOVE the snow right now, and how cozy I feel when I'm inside my house!
{Yes, that's Ellie trying to get my hot chocolate while I worked on the newsletter. I shooed her away in time, though}

Tuesday 12/14 - I was awakened by my phone ringing at 5:40 AM...I knew that could only mean one thing since the snow had persisted all night...SNOW DAY!! I slept in super late, spent my day relaxing and being lazier than I'd like to admit. But It was glorious, and a great, refreshing day during the busyness of this season.
{Ellie likes to hang out on the radiator when it's cold. I tried to get a shot while she was sleeping there, but as soon as she heard me she stopped being cute.}

Wednesday 12/15 - Back to work this day. After work, I came home, made some tomato soup and grilled cheese for dinner, and spent the evening in with Luke again. I love making soup on cold, winter days. Again, this was a great night spent in with my favorite person!

Thursday 12/16 - This was the craziest day of the week. After work, I went on a 3-hour shopping spree to finish up most of my Christmas shopping. It was crazy. The traffic was insane and the lines seemed never-ending. Although it was completely tiring, I enjoyed it. I found some great things for some special people! As soon as I got home and unpacked everything, it was time to head out again with Luke. We went to his cousin's birthday party, where we played fun board games and watched part of Elf. As soon as we got home, Luke and I crashed on the couch watching episodes of 30 Rock (We're watching old seasons on Netflix). We both fell asleep sometime before 9:30! It was a tiring day.

Friday 12/17 - I went straight to the church after work. I had to make some final edits to the church campaign newsletter. I came home and enjoyed tacos for dinner with Luke. When he headed out for Friday night basketball at the church, I was suddenly hit with all kinds of blog inspiration. I spent the evening churning out post after post to be saved for days when I'm not feeling very inspired. Leave it to blogging to be the only area of my life where I'm ahead of the game! Luke got home and we watched more 30 Rock. What a funny show!

Saturday 12/18 - This was our annual cookie-baking day at my mother-in-law's house. The four of us (my m-i-l Patty, s-i-ls Diana and Maria, and myself) worked from 9:30 until about 3:30 or 4. We made so many cookies! We had fun baking and decorating while movies played in the background. Check back tomorrow to see all of our awesome creations ;-) When I got home on Saturday evening, I was tired! So I took a nap while Luke was at band practice, and then made a very late dinner when he got home. Luke and I spent the rest of the cozy evening together. Can I just say that I'm actually loving the cold weather and snow?? I am surprising myself this year! Let's hope I still feel this way in a month or two!

Milestones this week: Made dozens and dozens of Christmas cookies! And had my first snow day of the year.

Movies I watched this week: Actually, NONE that I watched from start to finish! This has to be a first

Books I'm reading this week: The Bible - Still in II Samuel

Songs I'm loving this week: Still any and all Christmas music

Things I'm looking forward to next week: So many! Last days of school this year, a date night with Luke, hopefully going out to look at Christmas lights, Christmas parties with family, Christmas Eve services that Luke is playing his drums in. Oh yeah, and um...CHRISTMAS!! Can't wait to spend our third married Christmas together!

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