Sunday, December 26, 2010

Week in Review: Christmas Edition!!

Sunday 12/19 - Luke and I went to church, and then headed to a family Christmas party for his dad's side of the family. We had a good time with family and ate enough food to feed a small army. After the party, I was absolutely exhausted for some reason, so Luke and I settled in and watched 30 Rock reruns on Netflix for most of the evening. We are completely addicted to that show.

Monday 12/20 - We had a date night on Monday night. We went out to eat at Applebees and then out shopping for our White Elephant gifts. It was a fun night spent together!

Tuesday 12/21 - This was my present-wrapping night. After work, I immediately set to work while I watched even more 30 Rock. It took me a long time to finish, but I felt like a giant weight had been lifted from me once it was all finished. It felt so good to have all my shopping and wrapping done!
Wednesday 12/22 - This was my last day of school until January 3, 2011!! Unfortunately, it was a crazy day! Since my students had parties and other things of that nature all day, I somehow got in charge of keeping a child in my classroom for in-school suspension all morning. This was no easy task, because he was a particularly difficult student. In addition to that task, I also got an extra long lunch duty! Let's just say when the kids were leaving the building at 2:30 that afternoon, I felt like I had never needed a break more than at that moment! I came home and I'm not gonna lie, I watched 30 Rock all night. I did nothing else. Luke was at the church practicing for the Christmas Eve service and Colorado all night, and I was a lazy bum all night. And it was absolutely wonderful! That's exactly how I wanted to celebrate the last day of school in 2010 :-)
My classroom is festive :-)

Thursday 12/23 - First day of break! I had to go get some groceries in the morning, and it was crazy out there!! I got home and spent the day preparing food for the parties that were to follow in the next few days. I also finished a few last-minute Christmas preparations. In the evening, I made Luke his favorite dinner because I knew it was the last dinner I'd be making before he left for Colorado on Sunday.

Friday 12/24 - Christmas Eve! Sarah spent most of the afternoon at our house, and we caught up and had a great time, like always! then I went to the Christmas Even service at church with my family. Luke was playing his drums. After that, we headed to my grandparents' for my mom's side of the family's Christmas party. We read the Christmas story, ate a delicious dinner, and had a white elephant gift exchange. Then We headed to Luke's parents where we exchanged gifts and played his sister's new Wii.

Saturday 12/25 - Finally, Christmas!! Luke and I exchanged gifts...more to come on that tomorrow when I do a full recap post. Let's just say Luke outdid himself!! After that, we went to my parents' house for my dad's side of the family's Christmas party. We exchanged gifts, had a delicious lunch, and then did a white elephant gift exchange again. I had so much fun catching up with my family! After that, we had one more Christmas party for Luke's family. It was so much fun!!! More details to come :-) Luke and I spent the evening at home since it was our last night together for a week! This was one of the best Christmases I can remember!! We had so much fun with our families and each other!

Milestones this week: Finished my Christmas shopping and wrapping on December 22. I think this is a record for me! Also celebrated my third married Christmas with Luke.

Movies I watched this week: None, Again!!

Books I'm reading this week: The Bible in II Samuel

Songs I'm loving this week: Christmas Eve - Foreign Oren

Things I'm looking forward to next week: Spending lots of time with my family since Luke's going to be in Colorado. Also, spending and evening at Sarah's apartment, possibly going on a shopping spree with my mom, sister, and Aunt, and of course, celebrating the New Year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!

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