Sunday, December 5, 2010

Week in Review: Concerts and Snow!

Sunday 11/28 - Luke and I went to church in the morning, and then relaxed all day until the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert. We went out to eat at Steak and Shake, and then straight to The Q for the concert. It was amazing, as usual, but we didn't get home until about midnight!
Monday 11/29 - It seemed like an endless day at work, because it was my first day back after Thanksgiving break, and because I was sooo tired from the concert the night before. Luke and I both just chilled at home all evening because we were so tired! To be completely honest, I felt kind of like a bum on Monday night because I accomplished virtually NOTHING. Oh well, it happens sometimes, I guess.

Tuesday 11/30 - Luke and I did not make it to connect group because we were both exhausted, and I fell asleep! But later we went out to a late dinner at Hot Dog Shoppe, and picked up some groceries. We then had our date night at home, where we watched Elf, played Scrabble, and drank hot cocoa. It was a nice evening!
Wednesday 12/1 - Wednesday it SNOWED!! It was the first big snow of the year, so it was exciting :-) I spent the evening staying warm and cozy, and cleaning the house.

Thursday 12/2 - I went grocery shopping after my husband's request for me to make chili for dinner. I then spent most of the evening making said chili. I used a recipe in one of my cookbooks. But I used a recipe for Cincinnati Chili, not realizing that it is very different from normal, Texas chili. I thought it seemed weird that it called for things like cocoa and cinnamon, but I had never made chili before, so I just shrugged and added all the ingredients anyway. Luke and I learned that night that we do NOT like Cincinnati Chili. It was gross. Especially since our mouths had been watering for NORMAL chili all day! Oh well, I'll know better next time! Anyway, we spent the rest of the evening watching the sad Cavs/Heat game. Actually, Luke watched it while I fell asleep on the couch. Act like you're surprised :-P

Friday 12/3 - I headed to the church after work to get more construction pictures for the church blog and newsletter. It is coming along so nicely, and is right on track to be finished by Easter this year! I got so excited during my tour that day! After that, I came home, made dinner, and spent the evening watching holiday specials that I had DVR'd, and cleaning the house a little between each one while Luke was at basketball. It was such a cozy evening!
Saturday 12/4 - I watched Christmas shows on The Food Network while I addressed Christmas cards all afternoon. Then in the evening, I went with Luke and his Mom to dinner and a concert. We chose to eat dinner at Olive Garden. It was delicious, and we even ordered dessert. We talked about our trip to Arizona a lot during dinner, and I got really excited!! After dinner, we went to the concert. It was the Christmas concert at Malone University, which is the college where I graduated! My cousin Marc, who is also our friend and Luke's bandmate, was singing in the concert. It was beautiful as always, and it was a very enjoyable evening! :-) It definitely put me in the mood for Christmas.

Milestones this week: Attended my 7th consecutive annual TSO concert. Also, finished my Christmas cards the first week of December! This is a first, I think.

Movies I watched this week: Elf (A)

Books I'm reading this week: The Bible (II Samuel), The Lost World by Michael Crichton, and Christmas with Anne, a compilation of Christmas stories by L.M. Montgomery

Songs I'm Loving this Week: Joseph's Lullaby - MercyMe

Things I'm looking forward to next week: A "Walk the Walk" event at my church, where a bunch of people get to tour the new building, starting my Christmas shopping (that's right, I still haven't started yet!) and probably starting my Christmas baking next weekend!


  1. I've heard Cincinnati chili is an acquired taste!

  2. Ha! Cincinnati Chili sounds interesting!


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