Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Tour of Homes, 2010

Welcome to everyone stopping by from The Nester or Kelly's Korner! I hope you enjoy my Christmas home tour, as I'm sure I'll enjoy all of yours!

This year we did two trees. One formal, pretty tree in our dining room:
I decorated the whole thing in red and gold, and I love how it turned out!

Our other tree is in our living room. It's our real tree, and our "fun" tree, filled with bright lights and sentimental and funny ornaments.

I made the tree skirt last year.

And here are our stockings, hung on the railing since we don't have a fireplace! They are both the stockings we had when we were growing up.

My favorite Christmas decorations are my nativity sets. I have two. One upstairs:

And one downstairs in the dining room.

And here are some Christmasy details found around my home:
Check out the snowmen in the picture below...this is our Ohio State nook in the living room
OH! - IO!
I'm not a huge "Santa Claus" person, but I love this one.

And this year we are lucky to have the prettiest Christmas decoration outside right now:

It's the perfect evening to curl up under a heavy blanket, watch a Christmas movie, enjoy some hot cocoa:

And maybe a Christmas cookie or two!

I think I'll do just that tonight :-)

Have a Merry, blessed Christmas, and thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love the Peace sign best of all! hubs has the same leg lamp ornament, he would actually like the real thing! Ha!

  2. I love the Willow Tree Nativity Set! My sisters and I got it for my mom a few years back and I just love how simple and classic it is. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  3. Just love that PEACE sign, fantastic! And ps, can you ship the kisses cookies?

  4. LOVE your house...soo pretty! Those cookies are my all time favorite! :)

  5. This is great! I'm thinking of making those exact same cookies tomorrow! Love your festive!

  6. I love your holiday home! So pretty! You have some great decor!

  7. WOW, I love both trees! It's all beautiful!!!

  8. very pretty! omg, I want those cookies right now!

  9. Love your trees! And the leg lamp ornament... haha! :)

  10. your home looks so pretty! so special that yall use your childhood stockings!

  11. Your house looks beautiful. I love your formal tree.

  12. I loved taking a tour of your home. So cozy!! And seeing the photo of those Hershey Kiss cookies makes me want to make them right now. I actually have the recipe in another browser because I'm just dying to eat them. I just doubt I'm going to brave the snow to get Hershey Kisses. :)

  13. I love your decor! Especially the snow!!! Haha!

  14. Hi! I am your newest blog follower! I just love it so far. I love your christmas decor, especially the snowmen (since I am obsessed with them, and even made a post about it!)
    and I got a suprise of a willow tree nativity set that I also blogged about. I cant wait to read more from you! :)

  15. all of your decorations are super cute and i especially love the first nativity. love willow tree! and your trees look great too.

  16. go buckeyes!!!!!

    i spotted Script Ohio in sand in the background of one of your pictures and thought 'another Buckeye!!'

    cute decorations. :)

    happy holidays!

    and go buckeyes! beat the razorbacks!

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    Your decorations are BEAUTIFUL!!

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    Have a very blessed Wednesday!! :0)

  18. Beautiful decorations! The cookies look delicious....I love me some peanut blossoms!!

  19. i love the christmas skirt! beautiful!


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