Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What I'm Cooking Wednesday: Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have been miserably sick for 2 days now. I have a cold complete with congestion, sore throat, chills, aches, and a fever. Not fun. But since I skipped WICW last Wednesday, I thought I better at least figure something out for this week. So I'm sort of cheating.

I'm going to share a link to a recipe I made last week for:

They were pretty good, and I only made two changes to the recipe. Instead of using butter, I used butter-flavored Crisco. And I cut out the walnuts. Here is the recipe! It's not for the faint of heart. Only for the most die-hard chocolate-lovers among us. I fall into this category, but my husband does not, so it's a good thing I sent most of them off to the fun fair at work last Friday. Otherwise I would have ended up eventually eating them ALL. My hips don't need that.

But yes, they were easy and delicious and very, very chocolaty!

I don't even have a picture of the finished product. I'm really slackin' this week.

Speaking of slacking, I have been a little behind in reading and commenting on blogs. So tonight I read through all of my items in Google Reader. I only commented on a few of them, but I read them all. I promise I will try to do better with my commenting! :-)

Hopefully next Wednesday I won't be sick, and I'll have the motivation to try a little harder! Have a happy Wednesday!


  1. I bet those cookies are amazing! Hope you start feeling better soon!

  2. A chocolate lover's dream!!! I bet they are to die for!

  3. Well, don't those just look so yummy! :)


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