Wednesday, August 10, 2011

All Set!

Today was a stressful but fun day. I had to go to Akron and get all the last-minute logistical things done for school. You know, like getting a parking pass and a student ID card.

I was so nervous that I would get lost! But thanks to the magical technology of the GPS, I was directed straight onto campus and right into the desired parking deck without a single hitch (see, Mom? If you listen to the GPS and actually follow it, it works ;-))

Between registering for classes, meeting with my adviser, getting my ID card, and buying my parking pass, I feel like I must have been in at least half of the offices around campus :-P And crazy things happened. Like my adviser telling me that I had to get my ID card before I could register for classes, and then the people who issue the ID cards telling me I had to register for classes before I could get my ID card. Yikes. But somehow, we (meaning me and my sister, who met up with me halfway through the day to help me navigate through campus) figured it all out and I think, other than buying my books, I am 100% ready for my first day of class in two weeks.

There was one small problem today: my student ID somehow ended up having my maiden name on it. I am still absolutely clueless as to how that happened. I swear, these things only happen to me. Oh well, I didn't notice it until I was already in the car, so it's staying that way!

The best part of the day was after my CRAZY morning, Julie and I decided to go out for a nice lunch. We had to park far away from the restaurant. (dang city...I am not used to having to park a mile away from my destination! I'm used to giant parking lots right outside of buildings! I'm so not a city girl). Anyway, it was nice to have about a 10-minute walk to and from the restaurant to catch up.

And the restaurant we chose....was amazing. We ate at Bricco, a pizza place downtown. YUM. It was so delicious!! We shared a tomato basil pizza and it was so good. I think I see some more Bricco's pizzas in our future! Did I mention that it was delicious?

Being on campus today made me so excited about my classes starting! I can't believe that at 26, I'm about to become a college student again! I would have never dreamed that this is where I would be at this stage of life. However, I'm glad I ended up here. I can't wait to start this incredible new chapter of my life in just two weeks!!

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