Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Getting Organized and Getting Ready for FALL!!

{ Sorry, Callie, you may not want to read this one until after your vacay! ;-) }

Today I spent most of my morning setting up a little study area for myself. Our office room has sort of become the catch-all room. It's where my desk used to be (naturally). But I decided that room was too chaotic to use as a homework/studying spot. (Since we don't have a garage, Luke ends up using that room to store his bike and his golf equipment. I just can't imagine trying to concentrate in that room!) So I moved the desk into a room that is peaceful: the dining room.

I created a little spot for myself to not only study, but also to work on my couponing and other projects. I have a few people who give me their unused coupons, and I had been just laying them in piles around the house. I'm glad I finally got organized and made a coupon file in my desk!

So here is where I will be spending a LOT of time in the following months:
(the bottom drawer won't close all the way and it is!!! But I'll have to figure that out later)

I think I need to hang some pictures above the desk, too.

I made monthly calendars where I can record my subbing jobs as the calls come in. September through December are all there. I had fun making them in Scrapbook Factory!

All the essentials: writing utensils (I don't think I'll ever run out!), stapler, and cute notepads. Plus my computer.

And...I doubt I will need to use these much, but I guess when you're an ex-elementary school teacher, you collect a lot of art supplies. Even when you just teach math and phonics...

Inside the top drawer I have all the extra misc. office supplies I could ever need (I love office supplies!) Also, a stray star-shaped silly band that was a gift from a student :-)

The bottom drawer is filled with important files, stationary stuff (like lots of thank-you cards. I am so terrible at writing thank-yous and I'm trying to get better. I hate that about myself!!) And a few cleaning supplies so I can wipe down the surface of my desk. it's a habit when you've worked with eight-year-olds for four years.

And these little shelves are the most important thing of all! The bottom shelf is full of important school documents and logistical information; the middle shelf is for all my coupons, weekly ads, and receipts, and the top shelf is full of envelopes and projects that need to be completed ASAP.

Now the only thing I'd like to add would be a dry erase board that I could use as a to-do list. I'm so glad I got my little study area all put together. Starting the semester out organized is definitely starting out on the right foot. Because if I'm not organized now, it's just going to go downhill in the next 15 weeks!

Gosh, I can't believe my classes start on Tuesday!! I get gigantic butterflies in my stomach every time I think about it for some reason. However, I am sooo excited to start school, because the beginning of a new school year means that it's my favorite time of year:


Oh my, I cannot wait for pumpkin spice lattes, fall-scented candles, apple dumplings, scarves, crisp air, jeans, football games, leggings, pumpkins, sweaters, my birthday, beautiful leaves, soups, Halloween, apple pie, Thanksgiving..... And all the other wonderful things that go along with fall!!!

I do this every August. (See here and here) But I'm just going to post a quick few fall pictures because I'm so excited, and I miss it so much!
Okay, maybe that was more than "a quick few fall pictures." but tell me you're not excited about fall now!!


  1. You are so organized! your desk area looks alot cleaner than mine. :-)

    Thanks for the very obvious reference to fall in the title - ha! Told you I'd probably read the post anyway! I made the mistake of lighting some of my candles today, and it's totally put me in the mood for (ahem) fall. Your post is not helping! I'm having an internal debate about whether it would be okay to be in the mood for fall now, and then switch my mood to summer for vacation, and then right back to fall. I mean, can I mentally take that kind of yo-yoing? I just don't know.

  2. I am so ready for fall too! Good luck with starting classes this week. :)


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