Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Chapter

Today is the day! My very first day of classes at The University of Akron!

Are you sick of hearing about it yet? Sorry, I'm just really excited to be a student again! And sort of in disbelief that it's really happening, all at the same time.

Yesterday I spent my day getting ready for classes. I received my first textbook, and I'm so excited to start! I also got all my clothes picked out and packed my lunch in the morning (yes, YESTERDAY morning), because I was just so excited. Sort of like a 5-year-old on her first day of kindergarten.
This is my new lunch bag from Thirty-One! I love it

I also started working yesterday on my two online classes: language science and acquisition and anatomy and physiology of speech, language, and hearing. What a mouthful :-P

And today I will be attending my audiology class, my anatomy and physiology lab, and my phonetics class. Although I only have three classes, it will be a looong day, beginning at 10:00 AM and ending at 8:00 PM. But I have a 4-hour break somewhere in the middle where I plan to visit my sister and eat some lunch. I am really hoping that I don't get lost, because that's really the only thing I'm MAJORLY nervous about. I'm not used to driving around the city! And worrying about finding a place to park!

I'm sure I will be updating tomorrow on how my first day back to school went! Until then...wish me luck! :-)


  1. Excited for you! Hope the classes go smoothly. :)

  2. Good luck girly! And have a blast! I hope it's everything you dream of :-)

  3. I hope you had a wonderful first day of school!


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