Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Day

I survived my first day of class! And I didn't get lost at all, which was my biggest fear. Here is a quick recap, bullet-point style:

  • After the first day, I feel like I am really going to love the field I have chosen. It may be too soon to tell, but this is my gut feeling.
  • My favorite class is definitely going to be phonetics, where we forget everything we've learned about spelling and focus only on the sounds in the English language. We are going to learn the IPA - International Phonetic Alphabet, which is an alphabet full of symbols for each and every sound in the English language. I just think it's going to be fun. And I really love the professor.
  • My most difficult class will definitely be Anatomy & Physiology of speech, language, & hearing. I am taking that class online (because I'm crazy) and also a lab on campus that goes with it. I'm pretty sure all of my spare time is going to be taken up studying for that class.
  • However, we get to color in A&P, so that's a small consolation.
  • And in lab, we are going to be dissecting some pretty gross things, including a pig's mouth/throat area, and a sheep's brain. I'm going to have to get over my queasiness!
  • We already dissected a Cornish Hen yesterday and it didn't bother me at all. So I felt pretty tough. I'm going to pretend like it wasn't something that our professor just picked up at Giant Eagle.
  • My least favorite class is going to be Audiology. In the program I'm in, you can go one of two ways: either the speech pathology route, or the audiology route. And I've chosen the speech route, so audiology isn't as interesting or relevant to me. Plus the professor is pretty boring, and he seems to go off on tangents a lot. Like the 10 minutes he spent talking about earwax yesterday. Which was probably more gross to me than dissecting a sheep's brain.
Well, that's about it! Have I sufficiently disgusted you?? I just wanted to make sure I wrote about my first day back since this is such a big change for me. I know I've been writing about school a lot lately, but that's because going back has been such a major part of my life. I'm sure now that I'm back, things will go back to normal around here :-)

Happy Wednesday!


  1. So glad you are following your dream friend!

  2. I'm glad your first day went well. I'm one of those weird people that loves dissecting. I went to school for Biology and am the epitome of a Science nerd. Ha

  3. Glad you had a great day back to school!

  4. Yay sounds like a good first day! I am considering going into the Speech Pathology field as well.... but I am SO nervous about applying for grad school and I can't wait to be done with school!!! haha. Are you hoping to work in a hospital or school when you're done with school?


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