Sunday, August 21, 2011

Week in Review: Last Week of Summer


~On Sunday we had our second family reunion in the same weekend. Good food and good people were involved.

~Monday morning after my CT scan (just to get a good look at my sinuses, nothing major) I went on a mother-daughter breakfast date with my mom and our friends Julie and Kristin. I just love going out to breakfast, and I only do it 2 or 3 times a year, so that was a treat.

~I may have spent copious amounts of time laying on my couch and watching Secret Life. While my cats sprawled out on top of me on Monday afternoon. It was rainy and gloomy out, and I just thought it was a good excuse for a lazy afternoon. Plus, it was my last week of summer, and relaxation is something that's not really going to be part of my life once I'm a full-time student + substitute teacher.

~I'm so glad I have friends to keep me company on days where Luke works for 12 hours. Like on Tuesday when I spent a few hours with Sarah in the morning just catching up, and then spent the afternoon and part of the evening with Kristin, swimming and then watching a movie. And ordering pizza for dinner. Yum.

~Wednesday was a productive day! I moved some furniture around and set up my own little study area in the dining room:
~Thursday evening was so much fun! I went out with my cousin Rachel. We went shopping a little bit and then went to dinner at O'Charley's. We somehow ended up ordering our food two minutes before half-priced appetizers ended. So we both ordered an appetizer and shared. Since we both ordered water to drink, our totals came to a little over $4 each!! I couldn't believe it. That's probably the least I've ever spent on a meal, including fast food. After dinner, we went to see The Help. All I can say is, go see it now if you haven't!! It was one of the best movies I've seen in a really long time. I have to read the book now!

~Friday afternoon was spent by the pool with my Aunt Beth, cousin Rachel again, and Rachel's baby, Elin. It was almost too cold to swim, but I had fun anyway as Elin was our entertainment :-)

~ And Friday night I got to take pictures for a party at church. At the party, they showed a new Veggie Tales movie (Princess and the Popstar). All the little girls dressed up like princesses or popstars, and I took all of their pictures for them so they'd have a little souvenir to take home with them. It was so fun, and the little girls were so cute!! I used my mom's camera, so I sadly have no pictures to show. But it was a fun night!

~ After that, I went over to watch a movie with my parents. We watched RED. I had seen it before, it it's a pretty good movie!

~On Saturday afternoon, I headed over to my friend Sarah's house to play Just Dance on her Wii all day. I am absolutely in love with that game!! So it was fun. And then she taught me how to play Chicken Foot! It's a fun game with dominoes, and I am now addicted to the Chicken Foot iPhone app.


Movies I watched: Scream 3 (B), The Help (A++++), and RED (B)

Books I'm reading: UnPlanned by Abby Johnson. This is a really great book, and also eye-opening. I think I will be posting about it when I finish.

Favorite Picture:

I didn't take many this week, but I thought this one was pretty cute!

What I'm looking forward to next week: Girl's night with a friend on Sunday, and the only other thing I really have going on is classes starting. I'm so nervous, but so excited to begin this new chapter, all at the same time!


  1. Hope your first week of school goes well! Love that pic!

  2. Yay for productive and relaxing weeks!
    Hope your upcoming week is wonderful!!!


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