Monday, August 15, 2011

Week in Review: Nearing the End of Summer

This was a busy week, and full of preparation for school! I am completely ready now, except for buying my books. I can't believe classes start in a week-and-a-half!


~Luke had tournament games last week. It was fun going to the games on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. He had some really good games, especially on Tuesday! Unfortunately, they lost a game on Monday, and another game on Wednesday, so they were out. It was a fun season, though!

~Tuesday was a big day! I got to go to The University of Akron, where I will be taking classes in a few short days, and register for classes, buy my parking pass, get my student ID, and all that fun stuff. My sister met me halfway through the day to help me find my way around campus (it's definitely a little bigger than Malone, where I got my undergrad degree!!) We ended up going out to lunch at Bricco, where we had some amazing tomato-basil pizza. My mouth is still watering for more.

~Wednesday morning I finally had my big doctor's appointment with the allergy specialist. It was nice to finally have some things figured out, although the doctor won't be able to treat me until I have a CT scan of my sinuses, and a Scratch Test. Me and my sinuses are both looking forward to that time, and a little relief!

~Later on Wednesday, I got to go to our church library and give a tour to some sweet ladies from a different church. We talked about our libraries and asked questions for over an hour. #nerds. (Oops, do you ever forget you're not on Twitter when you're blogging? :-P)

~On Wednesday night during Luke's game, I started to get really hungry for ice cream. Pavlovian Effect-style. However, Luke had band practice after the game, so I had no one ot go with! So I called my mom and asked if she wanted to walk to the corner store and get some ice cream with me. She was busy painting an old picnic table (getting ready for a big family reunion on Saturday), but told me to come over and have ice cream at her house. I obviously accepted her offer, and it was nice to sit out on their new deck and eat ice cream with Mom and Dad :-)

~On Thursday, Julie and Andy came home to visit since we had a big family reunion coming up on Saturday. So Thursday and Friday afternoon they came swimming at my parents' house. I was obviously there too, doing my daily laps, so it was nice to catch up with them!

~P.S. Julie and Andy crossed over to The Dark Side this weekend and got iPhones. Guess what Julie's favorite app is:

~Saturday was a big family reunion at my parents' house for my dad's side of the family. It was a beautiful day, and we got to enjoy their new deck. It was kind of weird, because I had never met half of my relatives who were there! But it was a fun day and Julie, Andy, Luke and I spent most of it playing Shanghai (the card game). I won, so I especially enjoyed it ;-)

~Saturday night Luke and I were sooo tired. So we decided to chill at home and watch a movie. It was a much needed night together. I can't wait until fall when Luke doesn't have to work so much! I feel like I never see him anymore!

Movies I watched: The Reef (B)

Books I'm reading: Unplanned by Abby Johnson

Songs I'm loving: Anything by Adele, and Marry You by Bruno Mars

Favorite picture:
Just thought this was cute of Luke and JC at their softball game...BFFs!

Things I'm looking forward to next week: Another family reunion, brunch out with my mom and friends, hopefully spending some time with Sarah, swimming laps with Kristin, photographing a party at church for little girls like last year, and hopefully finding some time to spend with Luke! This is my last week of summer, so I hope I enjoy it!

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  1. you had a busy week!!! So exciting you got your ID and everything! Now it's time to get started! ;)


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