Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Facebook Verdict:

I wrote a month ago about how I was having some problems with facebook.

There were many reasons why I thought about giving it up for awhile or decreasing my time on it. You can click on the link above if you'd like to know what they are.

To be honest, I was going through an extremely difficult time for a lot of reasons when I wrote that post. A little while after writing it, I got completely fed up with everything and decided to completely cut myself off from facebook. I didn't know how long I planned to take a break, but I just knew I needed one.

And honestly? It's been great. I haven't missed it for a second. I think the break was very good for me, and I'm glad I took it.

I've been without facebook for about three weeks now. And a lot of the reasons I gave it up are kind of non-issues now. I've talked out some things with some people, and I feel like I can use facebook now and be at peace. (I'm still working through some of my jealousy issues, but those are things that are so deep-rooted, getting rid of facebook will never completely get rid of the jealousy. Please don't judge me for that statement. If you knew my situation, you would probably understand.)

So today I think I am ready to bring facebook back into my life. I had about a three-week break, and it was great! But I am kind of itching for an update on a lot of my friends!

I feel a little hesitant though, so I think I will ease myself back into the whole thing.

I guess I write all that to say that if you are feeling annoyed with facebook like I was, take a break. Don't torture yourself! You will thank yourself for it later. And like I said, it really wasn't that hard, and I didn't miss it much. I'm coming back from my break with a different perspective, and I feel much better about things. And I won't hesitate to take another break in the future if I find that facebook is causing me to resent people again or to compare myself too much to others!

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  1. If one more person gets engaged Im taking a break from facebook haha


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