Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dresser Makeover

I've been looking for a little table or dresser or something for our entrance hallway for awhile now.

I was garage sale-ing with my mom and sister in the middle of October when I found it: the perfect dresser.
My mom ended up buying it for me for my birthday because I loved it so much. It didn't look too bad when I bought it, except that it was a little dated, a little scratched, and a little dark for my taste.

All semester I had been dying to give the dresser a makeover. I never dreamed that it would take me until December to finish it! But when you have a 15-week semester crammed full of 16 credit hours, 39 quizzes, and 14 tests (yes, I counted) you just don't have time for extra things.

So yesterday, on the very day of my last final, I was able to complete my project. What a difference a few coats of white paint can make!

It feels so good to cross something fun off the to-do list. And I really like how it turned out. We needed something to fill that space, and the added storage will be great too.

No makeover is complete without the side-by-side before and after shots:

For the Christmas season I decided to put my Willow Tree Nativity on the dresser. I also found this awesome free printable and framed it. (I found it at the Jones Design Company website, but for some reason it won't load and I can't get the link! You can probably Google it and find it) I thought it was perfect to place right beside the manger scene.
Hopefully this will be a beautiful reminder to us of what Christmas is all about.


What a fun way to spend my first day of Christmas break! Other awesome things that happened yesterday include:
  • Discovering Temple Run on my phone.

  • Shopping with my mom at an adorable little five and dime store. They had the cutest window displays!

  • Chipotle with my husband to celebrate the end of the semester. And because I had been craving it for a week.
  • Modern Family
  • Realizing I'm not going to have to study for 4 weeks or more!
I can't wait to see what other fun things Christmas break will have in store! Happy Thursday!


  1. I love the dresser!! It really is amazing what a can of paint can do!

  2. What a big difference the white paint makes! Was it a special kind of paint for wood? (probably a stupid question but I know nothing about paints/wood and I have a side table in my room that needs painting!) I love that printable and manger scene too! :)


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