Sunday, December 11, 2011

Week in Review: Christmas Break Week 1


~On Sunday evening Luke and I had our last Love and Respect Bible study of the year. I've really been loving the content and our group!

~Had lunch with my sister between finals on Tuesday.

~Wednesday was my last final!! I was done in the morning, and was on cloud nine for the rest of the day knowing that I survived my first semester!

~I spent all my free time on Wednesday finishing up my dresser project

~Wednesday night I went shopping at a cute little store with my mom and bought some Christmasy things. It was a fun, spontaneous trip

~Later on Wednesday night, Luke and I went out to dinner at Chipotle to celebrate the end of the semester. Then we came home and watched the Christmas episode of Modern Family. It was basically the perfect evening.

~Thursday I visited my grandma and then spent the evening helping my mom watch kids at church. Afterwards I hung out with some friends (and cute babies!) while our husbands were busy

~On Friday I was feeling creative and motivated, so I cleaned the house, finished decorating for Christmas, and completed a craft project which I will be sharing tomorrow. I was very much in my element, and had a pretty great evening :-)

~Saturday was our annual cookie baking day! This year we did it at Luke's Aunt's house. We made so many cookies! It was fun as always :-)

~Saturday night was spent at Luke's cousin's birthday party, and then a spontaneous get-together with our friends and neighbors Jared and Rachel.

So far, Christmas break has been amazing! I can't believe I have a whole month off between semesters! And while I'm still subbing a few days a week, it just feels great to have a long break from studying and homework :-)

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  1. Those cookies look so cute! I bet you feel so relieved to not have to study for a few weeks. Enjoy your break! :)


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