Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Week in Review...Super Late

I have been kind of MIA on the blog the past few days. I haven't really done a real post since Thursday, which is just unheard of for me! Here's the deal: it's finals week. And I got called last-minute to sub on Friday and Monday! A total blessing, but it has made for some very busy days with no time to blog.

I took my first final this morning, and my next one isn't until 6:00 tonight. I'll then take my final final (hehe) tomorrow morning. I thought about using all of my extra time today to study. But I haven't blogged in so long! I guess you can see how that internal debate ended. Honestly...my brain needs a break. And I study better under pressure anyway ;-)

I'm going to have a hard time recalling how I spent last week, but I'll try my best.


~I was pretty sick on Sunday (probably with another sinus infection). And while that doesn't sound like a highlight, it did give me an excuse to chill out on the couch and just enjoy the Christmas lights. And read a book for fun.

~Luke decorated the entrance to our part of the house with the same type of big, vintage-style Christmas lights we used on the tree. I love it, and it makes me happy every time I come home :-)

~ I definitely spent most of my time studying and tying up the loose ends of the semester.
Isn't the IPA cool? I can now do narrow transcription! (it's what my 6:00 exam is on)

~ On Friday after I'd studied all week and subbed all day, I cut myself some slack, and allowed myself to have a total veg-out night. It was so nice!!!! I ordered take-out for dinner, and then when Luke left for basketball, I turned all the lights out and enjoyed the glow of the Christmas tree while I watched movies. An introvert's ideal evening :-)
I grumbled a lot when Luke purchased our projector and turned our living room into a mini movie theater. But I have to admit...it is nice for movie nights.

~I spent Saturday working on projects, and I finally began painting my dresser that I found at a garage sale two months ago! I'll have it finished tomorrow :-)

~ On Saturday night, Luke and I went out with our friends Jesse and Rachel. We ate a delicious dinner at TGI Fridays, and then headed over to Malone University's Christmas program. It was a great night! I always love Malone's Christmas programs. Such beautiful music :-)


It was an okay week, but I'm thinking this week will be a lot more fun! Especially since I'll be on Christmas break starting Wednesday afternoon!!!


  1. Two things that I laughed out loud at in this post:
    1.) We grew up with those big ol bright lights and my sister and I affectionately referred to them as our "trailer park," lights, lol!

    2.) I totally agree with you on what an introvert's night in looks like. I try to do this at least every other week, with no husband around, and it totally recharges me to be completely alone like that!

  2. I'm late catching up on your week in review so it's ok you were late posting it :) That narrow transcription IS cool! I couldn't really read it at first haha. I like y'alls decorations and the fact that you ate dinner and watched a movie alone. That's my typical weekend especially when my parents are out with friends, and my brother is out with his friends! lol


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