Monday, December 12, 2011

Right Brain and a DIY Project for Christmas

All semester, the left side of my brain was busy at all times. It was busy memorizing facts and being responsible and logical and organizing things.

The poor right side just didn't have a chance. There was no time to be creative.

Now that the semester is over, my right brain is in its element. I have been doing nothing but working on projects and decorating the house and writing blog posts. I guess it's making up for lost time.

Anyway, I've been busy getting the house ready for Christmas and completing my dresser project...

And on Friday night I got the urge to create something else....

I had found the idea for a Poinsettia wreath on Pinterest a long time ago. The original wreath can be found here along with a tutorial.

And here is my version:

I hung it right on the chalkboard I made over the summer. I usually use this as my menu chalkboard, but I just thought the wreath looked too perfect there.

Also, to get the handwriting to look nice, I printed out "Merry Christmas" in one of my favorite fonts on the computer. Then I colored the back of the piece of paper with white chalk, held the paper up to the chalkboard, and traced. It's a pretty easy way to transfer just about anything onto a chalkboard! I had to re-trace it with my chalk to make it dark enough, so it's definitely not perfect. But I kind of like the imperfections :-)

I gotta say, it has been really fun to be crafty and creative the past few days. Hopefully I can keep this up until next semester when I no longer have any free time!


  1. Love all decorations & the wreath looks great!!

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  2. SO beautiful! Love your little Christmas touches! I've been making those wreaths this entire year. I have about five of them. They are just so pretty and fun!

  3. Oh, that wreath is gorgeous!!! Just love it!


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