Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Two Cents

I mentioned the other day that my friend Sarah (AKA Robbie) started a brand new blog.  My favorite blogs are the type that are deep, and not just "fluff" blogs.  If that makes sense.  Anyway, Sarah's is about as far from a "fluff" blog as you can get, so I absolutely love reading it!  She has a unique perspective on things, and I love reading her thoughts :-)  So go on over and read, comment, and follow!

The other day, Sarah asked if I would share my experiences in a guest post in the area of physical boundaries before marriage and sexual purity.  I know this is not the most comfortable issue to talk about, but I felt honored that she asked me!  So I'm over there today, guest posting.  Check it out...I'm sure Sarah would love to hear your thoughts, and so would I.

And just like that, I'm off to play with my Kindle Fire some more ;-)

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