Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Embracing this Season

I write a lot about how impatient I am to be a mom, and a stay-at-home mom at that. Today, though, I have decided to be thankful that I'm NOT a mom yet.

Instead of wishing this time away, I need to realize how special it is. Once Luke and I have our first child, it will not be "just the two of us" again for a long, long time. Like, 25-30 years depending on how many kids we have and how spaced apart they are. And how long they live at home :-P Anyway, instead of looking to the future so much, I'm going to start taking advantage of this time of FREEDOM

For example, Luke and I decided to take a spontaneous trip next weekend. I am going to try to take a personal day on Friday, and we're heading to Cedar Point! We're going to ride the roller coasters until we can't ride anymore all day Friday, stay at a hotel and get a good night's sleep Friday night, and then do it all over again on Saturday. It was Luke's idea out of the blue yesterday, and I thought, "why not?!" It really is fun enjoying life and being able to do spontaneous things like this, just the two of us.

We are also still pondering the idea of going to Orlando to Disney World and Universal Studios next fall, just the two of us. Luke has never been there, and I desperately want to make this trip before we have kids! And after...but Disney with kids and without kids are two completely different experiences.

We're also thinking about going out to Arizona next spring to visit Luke's grandparents. I've never been out west before, and I'm excited!

And let's not forget about Luke's possible band trip to Colorado this winter...he might go, and I might go with him!

It looks like we might have quite a bit of traveling going on in our near future! I look at this time as our chance to do everything we want to before we start our family, and I plan on enjoying every last minute of it :-)

What is on your to-do list before kids, if you don't have them yet?


  1. I love your positive attitude :)

    I hope you decide to go to AZ! You, me, and Elizabeth will all have to meet!

  2. I'm horrible at remembering this myself! Thank you for the reminder!

  3. Good for you girl for not wasting the time you have now. I am guilty of doing that all too often!!


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