Thursday, May 27, 2010

Professional Wedding Photos...Just Two Years Late!

My wedding photographer was a con-artist, basically. I paid her the money, she took our wedding pictures and gave me the proof book, and then basically disappeared. She did this to 10 other brides, and we have never seen our pictures or gotten our albums. We took her to court, and the case was dropped which makes me completely lose faith with our justice system! She stole over $11,000 so that's grand theft. I try not to dwell on it...

Anyway, I decided to take the nice Nikon D90 that I'm borrowing from JC, and take pictures of the tiny, tiny pictures in my proof book (there are 15 of them on one page, so that tells how small they are!) Some of them are pretty blurry, but some of them are okay! I'm still upset that I don't have the actual good-quality copies or anything, but this is better than nothing.

So since I have so much new wedding material, Wedding Wednesday will be returning from June until our 2-year anniversary on July 12! Last year I posted wedding recaps every Wednesday for about a month or so leading up to our 1-year anniversary. So this year I will be just posting pictures every Wednesday.

I know it's Thursday, but here are a few as a preview, just for fun:


  1. Great photos! I am so sorry that happened to you!

  2. Wow that is terrible!
    Those are cute pics though! =)

  3. Love the pictures! And looking forward to more recaps - I really enjoy it last year. I still need to finish our recaps. :P I'm really behind. lol

  4. That totally sucks! About the same thing happened to one of my best friends! She took her to court too, and nothing happened! That just infuriates me to no end! Those pictures are lovely though :-)

  5. Ohmygosh! That is terrible!! I am so sorry!!! But your pictures are really cute :D


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