Friday, May 21, 2010

My Favorite Place

Today I thought I would write about my favorite place in Ohio, since I'm THERE right now ;-)

That place is Cedar Point. I am a somewhat new roller coaster rider, but in a few short years I've become a roller coaster junkie. And Cedar point is the place for roller coaster junkies!

I went for the first time, at least since I've been old/tall enough to ride the rides, while I was dating Luke. His whole family went there and stayed at the campground one year. It was so much fun! I had ridden a few roller coasters before, but nothing too scary. Luke basically forced me to ride all the rides, and although I think I almost passed out from fear on a few, I found that I LOVED it. The feeling of exhilaration as you free fall hundreds of's just amazing. Terrifying and amazing at the same time.

If you've never been to Cedar Point, I'm going to do a commercial for you right now. First of all, they have some of the most amazing roller coasters in the world. Here are a few of my favorites (although they have something like 16 in all!):

Raptor - the best feet-hanging ride I've ever been on (I know there's a more technical name, but I don't know what that is!)

Wicked Twister - this coaster is basically right on the beach by lake Erie. The ride gives me a headache every time, but it's so worth it!
Mean streak - A great wooden coaster that actually doesn't beat you up
Maverick - This ride is one of my top 3 favorite roller coasters. It's so smooth yet windy and hilly...and the first hill is actually steeper than 90 degrees...such a cool feeling!
Millennium Force - I have a panic attack every time I ride this, but it is amazing! Being scared is half of the fun :-) I felt very accomplished the first time I rode this. When it was built, it was the tallest, fastest roller coaster in the world at 310 feet tall and 93 mph. And I conquered it!
And just for fun, here is the view from the top. I'm usually closing my eyes, holding my breath, and PRAYING at this point :-P
And now for my favorite ride of all time: Top Thrill Dragster. It only lasts for a few seconds, but it is such a thrill! This one makes Millennium Force look like a babyride at 420 feet and 120 mph. It just shoots you out, up, and down, and then the ride is done. But it is unbelievable. Again, it was the tallest, fastest coaster in the world when it was made, until Kingda Ka was built. It is just a few feet taller and a few mph faster, and they totally copied :-P So Cedar Point is still the best! ;-) In the picture you can see it towering over Millennium Force. It is taller, but not as scary, because you don't have all that anticipation of climbing the hill slowly.
Somethings, it does not clear the hill though, and I think that would be TERRIFYING to just fall backwards and get shot up again. But then you get two rides for one wait in line, so I guess that's not too bad!

In addition to awesome roller coasters, there are other great rides at Cedar Point as well. Like:

MaXair...This ride is so much fun and sooo smooth. Such a cool feeling as it whips you around, back and forth. It's actually kind of relaxing compared to the other scary rides!

And my favorite non-roller coaster ride, Skyhawk. The biggest swing ever made. I could ride this over and over, all day long!

So there you have it: my favorite place in Ohio and our claim to fame. Did I convince you to come?! You totally should, and then we could meet in real life! :-) Anyway, I'm there right now, and probably riding one of these as you read. Here's to hoping that the rain and my headaches hold off!


  1. Those all look horrible!! haha but I'm glad you enjoy them! ;)

  2. I went there when I was 9, fun fun fun!!!

    However, you will not catch me on the Dragster. Ever. The majority of the times I've been there, it's been broken down or they are fixing it for some reason, and if a roller coaster has that many problems, I most certainly am not going to be riding it. Lol.
    The millennium force is probably my favorite :) Followed by the Gemini.
    I'm going to try to go sometime this summer while I'm home.


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