Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What God Can Do

With a little bit of faith and stretching, here is what God can do:
Yes, God did that! That is the side of the church I have attended for the entire 25.5 years of my life! Yesterday half of it was torn to the ground.
Half of it was torn down because HE provided for our church to be able to rebuild. Yesterday the demolition started. We are getting rid of the old wing, and adding a new one, because the old building is just too small. And God has opened lots of doors for us to be able to accommodate more and more people by rebuilding, so more people can be saved and get to know HIM!

He made this possible in the middle of very hard economic times. When nobody seems to have enough money, He somehow provided people with extra money in order to fulfill His purpose.

The building is old and full of history and memories. But God worked on people's hearts so they would be open to demolishing it so that His will and purpose for our church could be fulfilled.
It was a momentous day yesterday, watching it all come down. But we had to let go of our insecurities about the recession, and we had to let go of our attachment to it, so that God could bring us bigger and better things. In the process He is bringing us together as a community and as a church family. He is stretching our faith and teaching us to lean on Him. And He is showing us to let go of something that we have become very attached to, and let him fill that place with something SO MUCH BETTER.
What are you holding onto today?

Let go! God wants to fill the space with something better!


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