Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekend Blessings

Sunny, 80 degrees and gorgeous!
Visited with Grandma after work
Friday date night!
Enjoyed burgers and fries in Luke's truck at A&W Restaurant
Watched two scary movies at the drive in
Cuddled under the stars in complete comfort during said movies

Slept in later than I care to admit
Organized coupons
SAVED $43 at Giant Eagle!
Luke went to the Cavs play-off game
I went to Luke's mom's house for a girls night!
Enjoyed the evening with 6 ladies
Ate quiche and salad
Did mani/pedis
Had my first paraffin wax treatment on hands and feet
Beautiful, Bright red nail polish
Brownies, raspberry sauce, and a little whipped cream on top (Yum!!!)
Watched "Baby Mama," "Up," and the end of "You've Got Mail"
Had time to come home and clean the house for Luke's birthday Sunday

Birthday breakfast cinnamon rolls for Luke
Wonderful church service
Found out some friends are expecting their third
Treated to Hot Dog Shoppe by Luke's parents for lunch
celebrated Luke's birthday with family
Delicious chocolate cake
Luke got a turkey fryer! Hello curly fries and mozzarella sticks while camping ;-)
I'm about to take a hot shower and call it a night...sweet relaxation!

What a great weekend! Lots of fun activity going on for this couple. And lots of celebration for Luke's 26th birthday. I hope this week goes as fast as the weekend did! why does it never work out that way? :-P

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