Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Date Night 1: Pumpkin-Carving and dinner

This afternoon, Luke and I had our first official date night since we made our new plan. (The plan is to have one date night every week, planned ahead of time. One person gets to plan the date, and the other MUST go along with it. We alternate weeks).

Luke let me plan the date for our first week, and I decided to do pumpkin-carving! It was such a gorgeous, fall day, and as soon as we both got home, we headed to a little pumpkin stand down the road from our house, and picked out the perfect ones.

Then we came home and snacked on some apples, caramel-peanut butter apple dip, and apple cider. We are festive!

{All pictures taken from my cell phone, so sorry for the poor quality}
Then we meticulously cut out and traced our stencils onto our pumpkins
And spent a long time carving them. It was probably the quietest date we've ever had, because we were concentrating all of our energy on the task at hand. But I think our end products were worth all the concentration:

Luke made a Darth Vader pumpkin.

And mine was just a cute picture I found on this website:

Funny story: When we finished our pumpkins, it was still light outside. We wanted to see what they looked like all lit up, so we went in Luke's closet in our bedroom, set our pumpkins on the shelf, lit some candles inside the pumpkins, and then shut the closet door. It's virtually the only dark place in the house. We were just standing there, ooohing and ahhing over our pumpkins, when the shelf pulled the plaster right off of the wall! Luckily we somehow caught everything, so nothing caught on fire. Haha! I guess we didn't consider how heavy our pumpkins were when we placed them on the shelf.

After we cleaned everything up (including the shelf!) Luke headed upstairs to watch the Cavs pregame while I made dinner. I made semi-homemade chicken pot pie for the first time in my life. I say it is semi-homemade, because I used pre-made pie crust, but made the rest myself. I have to say, I think it was one of the best things I've ever made! Which may not be saying much because cooking isn't my strong suit. But I really loved it, and it was the perfect fall meal! I will be sharing the recipe tomorrow.

I would have loved to spend the rest of the evening chilling with Luke, watching the Cavs game (and probably falling asleep, too!) But unfortunately, Luke had to leave for band practice. So I'm about to head downstairs to visit my grandma while he is at practice, which is a nice way to spend my evening, too :-)

I had so much fun with our date night! And I had almost as much fun planning it and looking forward to it as I did on the date itself :-) I'm looking forward to next week, and whatever date Luke plans for us. It will probably involve laying around and watching a movie or sporting event, because as I mentioned the other day, he will be pretty much bed-ridden next week because he is having minor surgery on Tuesday.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Oh, that chicken pot pie is so pretty - and I'm so glad that shelf didn't fall ON you, and nothing caught on fire!

  2. Hahaha I laughed so loud when I read about your shelf!! Haha AND that you two were huddled in your dark closet to get the full effect...hahaha. Priceless memories, Jess :) And hey - your phone pictures aren't bad at all!

  3. How fun! Chicken pot pie is my favorite!!

  4. the part about the shelf. Glad nothing caught on fire!

    I LOVE homemade chicken pot pie. I usually make the Pioneer Woman's crust recipes...if I don't use a premade crust. Either way, they are usually really yummy! ;)


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