Monday, April 18, 2011

Back in the Day: Dawson's Creek

Now that I have an iPhone, I listen to Pandora Radio like it's my job. If I'm at home, it is constantly blaring out of my Memorex iPod docking station. If I'm in the car it's blasting out of the speakers. And if I'm outside, I'm listening to it through my headphones. I love music and if I could, I would listen to it 24/7. Anyway, this paragraph doesn't have much to do with the rest of the post, so let's move on :-)

Last week I set my station to Kelly Clarkson. I have always been a huge fan, and I just love her music. I have enjoyed listening to her music all week. But what I've enjoyed more, is all the amazing late 90s, early 2000s music that has been popping up on this station! I'm talking old school Britney, Christina, N Sync, Backstreet Boys, Mandy Moore, and so on. I was in heaven, and I was immediately brought back to high school. I couldn't make myself stop listening to this stuff! I know I'm a dork, but it made me feel nostalgic.

On the way home from work one day this week, a song came on this station that made me miss being 16 so much I almost couldn't breathe: I Don't Wanna Wait by Paula Cole. The second I heard the first note, I was in Capeside, Massachusetts. You know what I'm talking about:
I laughed and cried my way through every episode of Dawson's Creek. I became extremely emotionally invested in the characters! Especially the infamous Joey-Pacey-Dawson love triangle. Life stopped when it was time to watch. To be fair, there is no possible way that my mom would have let me watch this show in 1998 when it originally began. I was only about 13 when the show first aired, and my mom was very strict about what we were allowed to watch. For the record, I'm thankful for that now! Anyway. My freshman year of college is when I got really into the show. I remember they used to show reruns of two episodes every morning on TBS at 10 and 11. My sister and I randomly watched an episode while on Christmas break, and we were both immediately hooked for life!

I still have lots of lingering questions about Dawson's Creek:

1. Where are everyone's parents?! Seriously, all of the high-schoolers live alone in their massive, beautiful houses, and their parents are nowhere to be found. Dawson's parents are the only ones who are ever around.

2. Does Joey belong with Dawson or Pacey? I lost sleep over this question. Dawson seemed to be her soul mate, but I just liked her better with Pacey!

3. Why do all these teenagers look like they're 30? I have the same question about Glee. But seriously, these kids were all a lot older than the characters they played. the actress who played Andie McPhee was literally in her 30s.4. Why all the unisex names? Joey and Andie sound like boys, and Pacey sounds like it could be either a boy or a girl's name. It was confusing to me when I first started watching reruns of the show.

5. How did these kids get into college? If I remember rightly, they just kind of hung out at school, but were never really in class. Am I wrong about this? My memory fails me here.

6. Why do I hate Jen so much? Jen's character definitely changed and developed throughout the series, but I never grew to like her. Am I the only one?

7. Why is Dawson so clueless?? Gaah this annoys me to no end.

I may never know the answers to these questions, but I love the show anyway! I have been longing to watch the entire series again, and I so wish it would become available instantly through Netflix! Maybe I'll have to start a petition about that...

Anyway, if you liked the show, please chime in with your thoughts! And here are a few questions you can ponder, and answer in the comments section if you want!:

1. Who is your favorite character? Mine is Joey. She was shy, reserved, artistic, and spoke with big words. I always liked to see myself in her a little bit. I'm also shy and reserved and I like big words.
2. Who does Joey belong with? I have to pick Pacey for this one. Dawson was too emotional for me, and Pacey and Joey had more chemistry.

3. Who is your least favorite character? Mine was Jen. I just didn't like her.Dawson is a close second. Also, Andie was creepy.

4. What are your favorite episodes? It has been so long, I barely remember. but I do remember loving the beauty pageant episode from season 1 because I think that's when Dawson really falls for Joey or something along those lines. And pretty much all of season 3 when we're going through the whole back and forth, will-they, won't-they? routine, a la Ross and Rachel. (Yes, I just put a question mark in the middle of a sentence. It's my blog and I do what I want :-P)

It was fun looking back! I enjoyed writing this post so much, I may do a whole "Back in the Day" series!


  1. I used to watch Dawson's Creek also, when I was in High School (around 2000, I think, when the show was translated in French for Canadian television1)!
    I also think that Andie was a really creepy character! And Pacey and Joey totally belong together!
    I don't have a favorite episode... I like them all!

    About the parents characters, I remember that Joey's mom died when she was younger, her dad was in jail (I think!), so he was living with her older sister! Jen was living with her grandma and her parents were in New York, so they were not around! I don't remember Pacey's parents... Only his gay brother! We sometimes saw Andie's mom... The crazy mom!

  2. I LOVED this show! I actually saw James Van Der Beek in LA and he looks exactly the same haha. I probably would've called him Dawson had I talked to him.

  3. I've never seen an episode of Dawson's Creek but I think I would really love it!! I second the thought of starting a petition of getting it instantly through Netflix :).

  4. Confession: I've never watched the show. Guess I need to check it out, lol!!

    Annnd...I love rocking out to old school music. I'm nostalgic too!


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