Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Week in Review: Easter Week

Sunday 4/17 - I went to church, and then out to lunch at Texas Roadhouse with Luke and JC. After that, I went to visit my mom and print out shower invitations for Julie's shower. Later, my
Aunt and grandma met us at the church to see a tour of the new building! And after that was Night of Worship, a 2 hour service full of music and scripture readings about the events leading up to the crucifixion and resurrection. It was also our first worship service in the new building. It was an amazing night!! After the worship service, I went over to my mom's to watch Desperate Housewives with her since I'm finally caught up!
The invites I designed

Night of Worship

Monday 4/18 - On Monday we had our very last Bible study with our Connect Group. We ended up discussing things for almost 2 hours! And someone brought up the Vintage 21 You Tube videos, and I found out that my husband and a few other members of our group had never watched them! So after we were done, we hooked Luke's computer up to our projector, and watched those videos. Which then led to a marathon watching of the funniest You Tube videos ever. We seriously spent at least an hour watching them, and I was almost crying from laughing so hard a few times. it was a good night :-) I will miss our group!

Tuesday 4/19 - I went shopping with Rachel and Karen while our husbands played wally ball. It was a fun night! We were shopping all evening, but only went to three stores since we spent so much time in each one! We went to Charming Charlie (which I had never heard of, but I'm in love now!), Forever 21, and TJ Maxx. My finds

Wednesday 4/20 - After work, I went to get 10 inches of my hair chopped off! I won't say much more because I already blogged about it, but I love the cut, and loved the salon experience! The rest of the evening was spent sleeping. I was so exhausted!

Thursday 4/21 - This was my last day of work for the week! Afterwards, I went to the church to drop off some more books and visit Luke because he was building a waterfall for the children's department (the "reignforest"). I have a pretty talented husband! We spent the rest of the evening being lazy :-P

Friday 4/22 - Luke and I both had the day off! I couldn't sleep in because I had a quick doctor's appointment in the morning. But Luke came with me and we went out to breakfast at Bob Evans, which we've done every Good Friday since we've been married. It was nice :-) Afterwards, we paid a quick visit to TJ Maxx, so I was happy! In the evening I went to my parents' house to plan some shower stuff for Julie and watch a movie.
Found this at TJ Maxx and I'm in love! I wonder if I could make one like it...

Saturday 4/23 - I spent the day working on projects around the house and for Julie's bridal shower. Luke and I took a late-night trip to Walmart for Easter essentials. Then I came home, made deviled eggs, ironed clothes for Sunday, and cleaned the house. I had a major second wind that day, but ended up going to sleep way too late! Oh well, I felt productive :-)
Crazy project I began in the bedroom

Milestones this week: Cut off 10 more inches of hair to donate for Locks of Love. My lifetime total is 20 inches so far, and I plan to do it again as long as my hair doesn't turn gray before then. I find gray hairs way more often than I'd like to admit. I feel way too young for this!!

Movies I watched: How to Train Your Dragon - A

Books I'm reading: just the Bible, 2 Chronicles

Songs I'm loving: Awake and Alive - Skillet

Favorite picture I took:
A picture of the new addition to the church taken on our Night of Worship

Things I'm looking forward to next week: (Some of these already happened. I'm late in posting this! haha) Easter, spending time with family, having two more days off from work, spending Monday afternoon with my mom, dinner out with our connect group Monday night, going to see Phantom of the Opera at my old high school on Saturday, Some warmer weather, and getting ready for Luke's 27th birthday which is a week from Monday. Wow, should be a good week!!


  1. I hope your Easter was great!

  2. I love watching random funny videos on youtube! :) That waterfall fountain thingy is so neat! And girl, your hair looks great! I see your book list on the side of your page... did you like Steven Furtick's book? I was thinking about getting it!
    btw, I follow you on twitter (meremere7890) and it sucks that your laptop is dying soon :( mine is pretty old as well and it's so slow sometimes! I am not tech-savvy at all! haha


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