Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Project 365 - March

I know I'm late, but here are my pictures for Project 365 for March:

March 1: message on my chocolate wrapper

March 2: Naptime for Luke and Gabby

March 3: Stopped by the second train of the day

March 4: Max's last day with us

March 5: Raindrops on the window

March 6: Ellie hiding under the covers

March 7: Luke on the roof

March 8: Sunny drive to work

March 9: A clean desk for the first time in months

March 10: St. Patty's Day cupcakes

March 11: Another surprise snow day

March 12: Packing winter away

March 13: Ellie's such a cute little weirdo

March 14: And again

March 15: New pictures for spring

March 16: Wishing I were here

March 17: Instant day-brightner

March 18: Sunshine day

March 19: Supermoon

March 20: One80 band getting ready for Sunday morning worship

March 21: Best ice cream ever.

March 22: New nail polish

March 23: New recipe for dinner

March 24: A sweet gift from a sweet friend

March 25: Messy desk! It always ends up looking like this on Fridays

March 26: Working on church library stuff

March 27: Bike-shopping with Luke and JC

March 28: Our cats often fall asleep while still sitting up.

March 29: New shoes

March 30: Disgusting snow :-(

March 31: Chocolate-chocolate chip cookie dough

And that rounds out March. It was kind of a tough month, because the weather was still pretty cold and even snowy. But you can see little pieces of spring peaking through! April will be even better, I'm sure!



  1. This post had so many goodies like the sleeping kitty, the new shoes, the sunshine, and of course the cookie dough! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love thin mints!!! And that Starbucks Ice Cream looks to good to be true...


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