Friday, April 22, 2011

New 'Do!

I've been growing my hair out since August of 2009 so that I could donate it. Finally the time has come for me to be able to chop it all off and send it in to Locks of Love!

On Sunday night, I wanted to get one final picture before I got it cut. It was pretty long! Almost as long as it was for my wedding (the other time I donated hair to Locks of Love). I wish I had taken a picture of it straight, because that adds about two additional inches to the length, but I just forgot. You can basically get the idea of how long it is in this picture (about halfway down my back):I had my appointment to get it cut on Wednesday at a salon called Casal's near Youngstown. I already shared the story of how I was blessed to be able to get my hair cut there.

On Wednesday I was feeling pretty ready to cut it. I was tired of my purse pulling on it when it was on my arm; tired of shutting it in the car door when it was windy; all around tired of taking care of all that hair! However, I was still feeling a few butterflies in my stomach because I knew it was going to be such a change!

Let me take a moment to explain the amazingness that was Casal's De Spa and Salon. Keep in mind that I usually go to the cheapest places I can find to have my hair cut. My average haircut cost is $12. So this salon experience was all new to me! When I sat down in the chair, the stylist braided my hair in sections, and cut off the 10 inches I needed to donate it. Then she ushered me into a room where there was a row of massage chairs. I sat down and let me tell you, after a loooong week at work (literally: our days are longer now so we can make up for snow days) it was just what I needed. I got a scalp massage, back massage, and hand massage! It was nice to be pampered a little bit!

Next I sat down to have my hair washed, and to have a mini facial! I'm not sure what all she put on my face, but a hot towel was involved at one point, and I literally almost fell asleep.

Then came the actual cutting and styling part. The stylist did such a nice job with my hair, and she showed me a few tricks on how to straighten it quickly which was much appreciated!

After she was done with everything, she asked if I would like a make-up touch-up. I declined, simply because it was getting late and I wanted to get home to make dinner for Luke. But the whole experience was so great! I don't know if I'll ever be able to go back to the cheap places again for a haircut! And honestly, the overall price was very reasonable! I paid for everything with a gift card I received, and I still have half of the gift card left. I think I'll go back sometime soon for some highlights!

Anyway, enough about the salon. I'll just get down to business and show you that "after" picture! (I need to stop being lazy and start using an actual camera again instead of my iPhone. That's why this picture is so dark).

And just for comparative purposes, here are some before and after pictures side-by-side. To me, I look like a different person.
Honestly, in these pictures I sort of like the long hair better! But I was having a really good hair day that day and had just done my make-up. haha! I actually took the other picture at the end of the day at work when I was feeling all tired and frazzled and my make up was halfway melted off of my face :-P

I don't know if I like it better shorter or not, but it is definitely MUCH easier to manage now! And it's a nice change :-)

If you are interested in donating your hair to Locks of Love, here is a link to their website where you can look at the guidelines. It is a wonderful thing to do for children with cancer or alopecia!


  1. LOVE it! It definitely makes you look totally different but it is super cute and frames your face nicely! And I'm not sure if I commented on the post about how you got the gift card, but it was such a sweet story!

  2. That is such a cute haircut! I have had a bad experience with Casal's when they did my hair for my wedding, but I'm so glad you had a good mom loves them! I have been going to Entheos now, and it's totally worth it to put a little extra out for a haircut and a total pampering experience :)

  3. that sounds like a great salon!! I love your new do! :)

  4. I love the new hair, it's so cute! I've never been to an expensive salon before - it sounds fabulous!

  5. The Salon sounds fabulous and I'm loving the new hair cut!

  6. Jess! I totally Love it!!! What a nice thing that you did! Yay! I love donating my hair!


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