Sunday, April 3, 2011

Week in Review: Life is Getting Exciting Again!

Life felt kind of exciting this week. It was a nice change of pace from the winter months.

Monday 3/27 - After church, Luke, JC and I went out to lunch as usual. A tiny cafe opened in Salem a few weeks ago called Q City Dinner, and that's where we ate lunch. We had eaten there once before, but this time found it to be surprisingly delicious. I had a chicken, bacon, and ranch sandwich, JC ordered a chicken cordon bleu sandwich, and Luke chose some kind of monstrous breakfast burger (which in my opinion looked disgusting) and we all thoroughly enjoyed our meals. We were all three busy talking a mile a minute before our food arrived, but then once it was in front of us, I don't think a word was said during the entire meal because we were so engrossed in our sandwiches and fries. That's a sign of a good lunch, if you ask me. Haha! Anyway, needless to say, we will probably be returning soon. After our delicious lunch, we headed to Walmart and looked at some mountain bikes, which I've mentioned several times on the blog already. We still have not committed to any because much consideration and shopping-around is going into our decision(s). But I can't wait to buy them and enjoy them! After our Walmart run, JC went to work and Luke and I spent the afternoon and evening doing what we do every Sunday: napping, watching TV, relaxing, and reading (okay, that last one was just me). Before bed, I watched the show "Secret Millionaire" and LOVED it! It really is an inspiring show. It's on ABC at 8:00 PM, so check it out!

Monday 3/28 - After work I came home and napped for awhile before dinner and connect group. As always, our group was great and the fellowship afterward was great too :-) I love having a house full of talking, laughing people!

Tuesday 3/29 - Tuesday morning I took a half day off from work because I had a doctor's appointment in the morning. (for some minor problems I've been having). It is the fourth new doctor I've seen since August because of a strange turn of events. Haha...but I loved her, and I think she'll be sticking around the clinic for a long time, so I hope this is the last new one I'll see for awhile. Anyway...onto the more interesting part of the day. For a rare change, it was beautiful and sunny on Tuesday! Still freezing, though. But something about the gorgeous sunshine made me want to go shopping. So I spontaneously turned right instead of left after work, and headed to town instead of home. I bought a few new clothing items for spring, and a pair of cute, black flats. When I got home, I took a nice long bubble bath while listening to some Josh Groban, and then headed to Luke's parents' house who had invited us over for a delicious dinner of Parmesan chicken and green beans. YUM. Right after that, Luke had wallyball (don't ask me the difference between that and volley-ball), which he has been playing every Tuesday night. He actually plays with a lot of the guys from our connect group, so the girls decided it would make sense for us to hang out on Tuesday nights too! So this week there were four of us: me, Maria (my sis-in-law), Rachel, and Karen, and we all hung out at Karen's beautiful house. Seriously, this woman is like Martha Stewart (or Bre Van de Kamp minus the craziness for all you Desperate Housewives fans!) Anyway, we talked and played with her cute dog Tye and watched "Biggest Loser." It was a good time!
Wednesday 3/30 - I enjoyed a quiet evening at home while Luke and JC went out looking at more bikes. I read my book, I read some blogs, and I watched some Desperate Housewives. It was a good night! Oh yeah, and it snowed on Wednesday. That part wasn't so good. :-/

Thursday 3/31 - This was a pretty uneventful day. The only thing I really did was go over to my parents' house to work with my dad, who is a computer programmer, on the software we are using to enter books into our library database. Exciting stuff :-P Anyway, I came home, baked some chocolate-chocolate chip cookies to bring to the fun fair at work on Friday, tried to read, and fell asleep super early. Luke and I both woke up around 2AM on the couch having no recollection of falling asleep. Getting old is rough.

Friday 4/1 - TGIF. Seriously, it felt like the longest week ever at work, for some reason. In the evening, I made us a spaghetti dinner. As soon as we finished, Luke's mom called and told us that they had gotten an extra, free pizza from Pizza Hut because of a mix-up with the orders. So she gave it to us!! My in-laws (and my parents too as a sidenote!) are so awesome and good to us :-) Anyway, Luke ate some pizza even though he had just eaten a full meal of spaghetti and garlic bread. Men. When Luke went to play basketball, I went to the church offices with my parents to import some library books into our system. It took us two hours to get all the bugs worked out! But I think we fixed and figured everything out, so we're all set to go, and should have our whole collection loaded onto the computer in no time with the whole team working on it. When I came home, I watched half of Practical Magic, but just couldn't stay awake until the end. I hate having such a hard time staying awake in the evenings, but I also look at it as a big blessing. I'm so thankful that I struggle with staying awake rather than struggling with falling asleep. If that makes sense.

Saturday 4/2 - Luke and I hung out and watched Man vs. Food for a good portion of the day on Saturday. He has gotten me soo into that disgusting show for some reason! Later in the evening, we went to Malone University (my old stomping grounds!) to watch my very talented cousin Marc do a solo performance in the lounge of his dorm. He played guitar, keyboard, and sang. He did a great job! Afterward we all hung out for awhile, and then went to Applebees for some half-priced appetizers at 10. It was fun pretending we were college students for the evening :-P

Milestones this week: Looked at some mountain bikes and decided to definitely buy one.

Movies I watched this week: None, actually

Books I'm reading this week: The Bible - finished I Chronicles, and still reading Here Burns my Candle by Liz Curtis Higgs. Gosh, it's taking forever for the action to get started in that book! Hope it picks up soon.

Songs I'm loving this week:
Stars Tonight - Lady Antebellum, Don't You Wanna Stay - Jason Aldean ft. Kelly Clarkson

Things I'm looking forward to next week: Connect group, and hopefully hanging out with a friend whom I haven't seen in months!

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  1. I have issues falling asleep, so I would def rather have issues with staying awake. You may have already mentioned this before, but who is JC? Just wondering.


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