Sunday, April 10, 2011

Week in Review: The Terrible Cold of 2011

Sunday 4/3 - After church, Luke and I grabbed some Subway for lunch, and he played volleyball all afternoon while I stayed home getting things done. Then we went shopping and to Wendys for some dinner on Sunday, and then spent the rest of the evening together chilling and watching The Travel Channel. We have become obsessed with Man v Food and Bert the Conqueror.

Monday 4/4 - After work I went shopping and cleaned the house for connect group later that evening. Unfortunately about an hour or two before group, almost ever single couple called or texted to say they were sick or stuck at work! Our friends Ian and Karen were the only ones who ended up showing up, so we just ate the brownies Karen had baked for everyone, and hung out and talked all evening.

Tuesday 4/5 - Apparently whatever sickness hit our whole connect group earlier in the week, hit me too on Tuesday. I got sicker and sicker with cold symptoms as the day went on at work. I came home and crashed on the couch for most of the evening, trying to recuperate.

Wednesday 4/6 - I was even sicker on Wednesday with cold symptoms plus aches and chills and a slight fever, but somehow made it through the day at work. Wednesday night ended exactly the same way as Tuesday night.

Thursday 4/7 - Sick again. repeat events of Tuesday and Wednesday.

Friday 4/8 - Still sick and the weather was awful too, but I decided I wasn't going to let it stop me from doing what I wanted to do! After work, I went over the my parents' house and ate pizza and watched a movie with Mom and Julie. We chose Mr. Brooks, which was much more disgusting and twisted than I remember. I've cut scary and violent/gory movies out of my life pretty much completely, and I'm realizing I think I was really desensitized to this kind of movie for a long time. So it's probably good I have cut them out for the most part. Give me a chick flick, comedy, or kids movie any day now :-)I took this picture on Friday. Unfortunately this is what the weather has looked like a lot lately :-/

Saturday 4/9 - I woke up and, surprise...still felt sick. I did walk to the church and take a bunch of photos for the church blog, and also visited with my mom and sister there. Later I came home and decided to take it easy all day and try to kick this thing once and for all. So I watched Baby Mama, a few episodes of Parks and Recreation, and read a little too. Luke was extremely sore in the evening from playing basketball and volleyball, and I was still sick. So we decided to have a sort of date night in. I made dinner and then we watched The Tourist. We thought it was just okay. After the movie, we watched the end of the Indians game, Luke fell asleep on the couch, and I stayed up until 2:00 AM watching episodes of Parks and Recreation on Netflix. that show is HILARIOUS.
New Sanctuary!

Looking at fabric samples with Mom and Julie

Amazing artwork in the children's floor which has a jungle theme

Milestones this week: the church is almost completely done! Only one week until our very first service in there. We're having a Night of Worship on Palm Sunday

Movies I watched this week: Mr. Brooks (B-), Baby Mama (A), and The Tourist (C)

Books I'm reading this week: 2 Chronicles and still trudging through Here Burns my Candle by Liz Curtis Higgs.

Songs I'm loving this week: Lover, Lover - Jerrod Neimann, Grenade - Bruno Mars

Things I'm looking forward to next week: connect group, hanging out with friends, and a wedding on Saturday


  1. Sorry you weren't feeling well! I'm impressed you made it through so much work- I'm a wimp and would have just called in sick!

  2. Hope you're on the mend soon dear! I hate being sick... I'm such a wimp. lol

  3. Hope your feeling better!

    I watched Mr. Brooks not too long ago and it was a seriously disturbing movie. I had quit watching those shows - like you - and then decided this one sounded neat, but I was very disappointed and creeped out!

  4. Boo for not feeling good all week :(. Being sick is the worst!! I hope you're feeling better!

  5. I just love the artwork in the reign forest. its so cool. =)


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