Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Answers Part 1...and the Giveaway Winner!!

I want to thank everybody who asked a question for my Q&A series! I had so many that I'm going to have to answer in installments. For the first installment, I answered your questions about my relationship with Luke. And I announce the giveaway winner at the beginning of the video, so I guess you'll just have to watch it to see who won!! (I will be in touch with the winner right away!)

A couple of disclaimers:

~I'm sorry the giveaway part is sooo quiet! The rest of it is loud enough, but something weird must have been going on with the sound during the giveaway part.

~I recorded the answers to the questions on Monday and picked the giveaway winner on Tuesday. Hence the different outfit and curly hair in the beginning.

~I apologize for my frequent use of the word "like." Seriously, this is one of my biggest pet peeves, and I had no idea I was guilty of it too!!!! I'll have to work on that! I will put my new speech education to use and coach myself not to say that word so much!

Anyway, here's the video! My first ever vlog where I'm actually in front of the camera. Scary stuff for me :-P

Thanks again for the questions, and congratulations to the giveaway winner!!


  1. This is awesome! I felt like I was actually sitting at a table, having coffee with you, and hearing your story! I'm so excited to see more!

    (side note, what program did you use to edit your video?)

  2. Fun! You sound nothing like what I had pictured in my head. Such a great way to answer questions!

    I have that exact same shirt! It's one of the few I can find that are long enough, so I have it in almost every color!

  3. Love your responses to the questions! :)

  4. I finally got a minute to watch this - how fun! I loved hearing your answers, and you are so cute - I love hearing people's voices! This was fun idea. And i'm so excited that I won! I'm already doing the math on how I can make the gift card last through December. :-)

  5. Thanks for answering my question! I love that you did a Vlog! You are so cute! :)


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