Monday, November 14, 2011

Week in Review: Birthday, CMAs, and Busyness

This post is a day later than normal, but I had a pretty full and great weekend, and didn't feel like wasting much of it on my computer.

Also, thanks for the great response on my Q & A post! Wow, I have so many questions to answer!! I'm definitely going to have to make my answers a series rather than one single post. And I've decided to answer them in vlog form, so that will be something new for me :-) On Wednesday I will be posting the first installment, plus the winner of the giveaway in a vlog! So be sure to check back then. If you haven't asked a question yet, you have a chance to win a $25 gift card to Starbucks if you do!

Okay, now on to last week in review. It was a busy, amazing week!

~Sunday was my birthday, so I spent the day at my parents' house where my mom made a delicious lunch. And then we had an ice cream sandwhich cake like the one I made her for her birthday in May. It was a fun day spent with family. And then my in-laws came over to our house in the evening, so it was a really full day with family. A great birthday! I felt spoiled and blessed.

~ I substitute taught 4th and 5th grade on Monday, and once again loved it. I have shocked myself so much this year with how much more I like to sub in the older grades than the younger ones!

~Wednesday was a busy day. I studied all day, then visited with my grandma for awhile, and then went out shopping for a bit and to dinner at Chipotle with Luke and JC. It was a last minute, unexpected little outing, and it was nice to get out after my long day of studying!

~One of the major highlights of my week was watching the CMA awards on Wednesday! I had no one to watch it with, so I tweeted through the whole thing. That way it felt like I was watching it with some of you :-) Anyway, I thought Brad and Carrie were hysterical and did great hosting again. I was happy with almost all of the awards, and loved the live performances. I've always loved If I Die Young by The Band Perry, but seeing them on the CMAs started an obsession with them. I've been listening to The Band Perry station on Pandora ever since, and love it!

~On Thursday I met with my cousin Anissa for delicious Quesadillas for lunch. She's going to school for SLP, and is also applying to grad schools this semester. It was great to talk with her about the whole application process, and to have someone to relate to who is going through it right now! We're both highly stressed about the whole thing, but I'm sure God will open doors wherever He wants to, and vice versa :-) With that thought, I can have peace about the whole process.

~After lunch with Anissa, I headed over to my sister's house. We went to Sally's to pick up some hair-highlighting supplies, and then Julie did my hair! I haven't dyed or highlighted my hair in about 7 years, but I wanted to change things up a bit to go along with all the changes in my life I guess. It's a very subtle difference, but I think it makes my hair look a lot shinier and gives it more "depth" if that makes sense. And it literally cost $6 instead of $100. So I think that's a good deal. Julie did a great job!

You can see the highlights pretty well in this picture

~On Friday I didn't have to work or anything so I went out to lunch with some of Luke's family who are from out of town. It was nice to see everybody! And then I went over to Sarah's house, and had such a great time with her! We played Just Dance 3. It was awesome! Have you played it yet?? Umm, Let's go to the Mall by Robin Sparkles is on it! All you HIMYM fans would appreciate that one :-) Anyway, we then took a walk on a beautiful trail near Sarah's apartment, and talked about everything under the sun. We basically solved all the world's problems ;-) It was freezing on our walk, so we came back to her apartment for some hot cocoa while Sarah shared some of her recent favorite songs with me. What a great Friday. I feel so blessed to have someone like Sarah in my life!

~On Saturday morning I made these delicious sweet rolls that I've seen all over Pinterest lately. They were definitely a hit with the hubby! And I thought they were pretty good too! Later this week I'm going to do a whole post of all my favorite recipes I've found this fall, and I'll post a link to the recipe then.

~Saturday afternoon we went to see one of Luke's sister Diana's last volleyball matches. They sadly didn't win, but it's still always fun to watch Di play!

~ Saturday night we went out with our friends Marc and Brandi to dinner and a movie (Di and her friend met up with us later as well). We had a quick dinner at Fazolli's, and then went to see J. Edgar. I thought it was long and a little slow, but I guarantee it will win or at least be nominated for a lot of awards. I typically don't like award-winning movies. I don't know what that says about me. Ha!

What a busy week! No wonder I didn't get as much done as I wanted to regarding applying to grad. school! So this week I'm buckling down! I want to have it finished before Thanksgiving, even though the deadlines aren't until January 1. I just don't want it hanging over my head during the holiday season!


  1. This was my second time to watch CMA's and I loved it!! I actually started watching it when mom called me because Taylor Swift was performing. She knew I love Taylor Swift. I also got to see Scotty perform for a couple of minutes!!

  2. I "LoL"ed about not liking movies that win awards- I'm like that too!

  3. Glad you had such a great birthday!!!


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