Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christian Romance Novels

Last week I wrote a post about Breaking Dawn and the fact that I think it gives women false expectations about love and romance. Found here. At the end of the post, I briefly mentioned that I believe Christian romance novels can sometimes give the same false expectations.

A few days after writing that, I came across this YouTube video by Joy Eggerichs (daughter of Emerson, who wrote my favorite relationship book, Love and Respect). Her words expressed my thoughts exactly! I couldn't resist sharing it here, because I know it gave me some things to think about.

DISCLAIMER: I am not posting this to say that every Christian romance novel is wrong to read. Period. I just think that we need to examine our use of them. Make sure we are not running to these idealistic stories to escape from the pain and disappointment of day-to-day life, and creating unrealistic ideas about how the Christian men in our lives should act.




  1. Thanks for posting this video!!! So true. and hhahaha the end of the video. I've never heard of Joy Eggerichs but I will definitely keep her in mind when I have time to read/youtube video watch! :)

  2. Very interesting and really enjoyed your blog on the twilight series. Really have to guard your heart. THnaks for the insight and wisdom!!

  3. Thanks for posting this. It is so true and something we each need to evaluate in our own marriages and relationship with men.


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