Sunday, November 6, 2011

Week in Review

What a fun, full week I had!


~On Sunday my friend Lindsey was home visiting from Chicago. So I got to see her and spend an unexpected lunch with her and our families. It was so nice to catch up!

~Sunday night was the night we made donuts and passed them out at Trunk-r-Treat night at church. It was a fantastic evening although we all probably gained a few pounds ;-)

~Reggie Dabbs (an amazing, inspirational speaker) was doing sessions at our church and area schools this week. Luke was in the worship band each night. I went on Wednesday night, and it was great! (as always!) So many teens made the decision to be saved that night, and some adults too! It was awesome :-)

~On Thursday after a grueling test, Julie picked me up at school to take me out for a little early birthday sister-time during my break :-) We ate a delicious lunch at Penn Station, and then spent the afternoon at the Akron Zoo! It was totally deserted, being that it's November, and that made the day so much more fun! Seriously, we had the zoo all to ourselves. We could stay at the exhibits as long as we wanted and stand right up to the glass or cage or whatever instead of having to wait for a bunch of kids :-P And we could act like total goofballs and not have to worry about how silly we looked because no one else was around. It was excellent.

~Friday night was also excellent! I went with my aunt, cousins, and some friends from church to see Joyce Meyer in Cleveland!! And it was totally free! Can't beat that :-) Phil Wickham led worship, and it was great as well. It was so much fun, I learned so much, and had an amazing, amazing time with the 5 other ladies who went. A whole post is coming your way later this week about the experience. It was what I needed in so many ways: spiritually, and also, I think I really needed a girls night like that too :-)

~On Saturday Luke and I went with my aunt and uncle to a sports banquet for the school district from the city where Luke works. If you're new around here, Luke (and my uncle...hence the reason we went with them) works for the parks department (part of the reason we like the show Parks and Rec so much ;-)) and this year they built a football field at one of the parks for the elementary school football teams/cheerleaders. Luke and my uncle got recognized for that, and we all got a pretty good free meal, so that was nice :-)

~When Luke and I got home on Saturday night, we had a pretty low-key evening at home: watching a movie and just vegging out on the couch. Earlier in the day, I had finally added our extra, warm, "winter blanket" to the bed. And that warm, comfortable blanket along with the extra hour of sleep? Was heavenly. Seriously one of the big highlights of my week :-) It's the little things. My actual birthday is on Sunday, and I thought getting an extra hour of sleep that night was a pretty fantastic birthday present!

Last week was full of so many fun things! This week should be good too because it's my birthday, and that means I'm going to slowly start letting myself listen to some Christmas music! It's my rule every year!

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  1. Reggie Dabbs was also a speaker at the Youth Forward 2011 Conference I got to go to in June. It was amazing! And Reggie Dabbs was my favorite speaker.

    I want to visit the NC Zoo again. I visited the SC Zoo, but it was tiny. Maybe my family and I can take a summer trip to the zoo on my Summer break. That would be nice.

    Have a wonderful week!


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