Monday, June 25, 2012

Columbus Weekend

As I mentioned on Friday, Luke and I spent our weekend in Columbus for Luke's cousins wedding.  We had such a great time!

We stayed at Hyatt Place in Worthington, and thought it was great!  The room was big, and divided into a living room section and a bedroom section.  Luke loved the gigantic TV, and I think I had the best sleep of my life in the king-sized bed.

When we checked in, we received a little gift bag from the bride and groom full of their favorite snacks.  I thought this was such a cute and thoughtful idea! 

The wedding itself was beautiful, and we had so much fun at the reception!  Between the live music, delicious food, and especially the photo booth, we really had an awesome night!  I totally wish photo booths were a thing four years ago when I got married!  How fun...I laugh every time I look at the picture...the arrow sign says, "Is this the Monopoly guy?" It just makes me laugh.

On Sunday we stuck around in Columbus for a while because Luke's aunt and uncle (parents of the groom) treated us all to a delicious breakfast at Mimis on Sunday morning.  I stuck to the diet and ordered an avocado BLT omelet, and it was delicious.

We all (meaning me, Luke and his sisters and brother-in-law) spent the rest of the day shopping at Easton, a really nice shopping center in Columbus.  We had fun at stores like H&M, Crate & Barrel, Francesca's, and Buckeye Corner -- we don't have these places near our house.

The boys (okay, and us girls too) were especially excited to visit the Lego store.  We looked at all the cute displays, and I told Luke we need to hurry up and have kids so we have an excuse to by Legos!  To that he replied, "I don't need a kid to buy Legos!  I'll buy some for me."  Ha!  He was kidding...I think.

In the end, it was an excellent weekend!  Luke has been working some long hours lately at his two jobs, and since my love language is quality time, this weekend was basically heaven to me, getting to spend every minute with him and his family.  I am so blessed.


Weeks before our little weekend getaway, I decided I was going to let the diet slide a bit, just while we were in Columbus.  It was a special occasion, and I knew we would be out a lot, and I just don't think it's logical to deprive myself of sugar 100% of the time forever.  So I let myself indulge a bit, got my fix, and now I'm ready to jump head first into healthy eating again now that I'm home.  This is what works best for me, and I've made it my rule that during holidays, vacations, or other special occasions (like our anniversary in two weeks!) I'm going to let myself eat a little something sweet.  I mean, YOLO!

Anyway, here are my three cheats.  Worth every bite, I must say!

Angel hair pasta

A raspberry cupcake, which was also the best cupcake I've ever had.  There were actual chunks of raspberries baked right into the batter, and I thought I was in heaven for a second:

And the grand finale: mocha chip ice cream from Graeters.  If you haven't eaten ice cream from Graeters, you need to.  Chunks of rich, soft chocolate in every bite.

I think this is the way we were meant to enjoy food: not junk and sugar and empty carbs every single day, but healthy food with a treat to look forward to every once in awhile.

What a great weekend!


  1. What a great weekend! I'm glad you were able to get a little deposit in your "love language bank," it helps to get you through times of drought.

    I totally agree with you on the food/diet notion, I think we are meant to eat healthy and make wise choices but need to have the flexibility for splurges at holidays and vacation.

  2. sounds like a fun weekend! what a sweet gift basket and yum!!! that blt with the avocado looks amazing!!

  3. I really need your outlook on food. Eat healthy and then treat yourself later :).


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