Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weekend Love

Weekends are pretty much the best things ever, am I right?  We had a pretty busy and fun one around here!

  • We celebrated Father's Day with my Dad on Friday night.  We had (gluten free) pizza and (sugar free) ice cream, and then had a giant bonfire.  

  • During my spare time this weekend I started watching Pretty Little Liars because I found the first season on Netflix, and am completely addicted (*hangs head in shame*)
  • ...and I also worked hard on Etsy stuff.  That's right, I'm finally opening an Etsy shop!  Sometime in the next couple of weeks.  Stay tuned!

  • On Saturday Luke and I went to our first wedding of the season for our friends Katy and Adam.  It was beautiful!  I really love weddings.  Our next one is next Saturday in Columbus for Luke's cousin.  We're turning it into a little weekend trip, so I'm excited.  

  • We spent Sunday afternoon at a little cookout to celebrate Luke's adorable baby cousin's baptism.  It was fun to spend the afternoon with family!  Good food and Mexican Train were also involved, to make a good day even better.  All babies, including Lilly, seem to have a fascination with Luke's face. I think it's the facial hair.  Lilly crawled all over Luke all day, and really loved grabbing his face:

What a fun Father's Day weekend!  To end this post, I'd like to wish a Happy Father's Day to my awesome father! ...and to my awesome husband.  While he is not a father yet, I know he'll be the best one ever someday, and that deserves an honorary "Happy Father's Day!" in my book. 


  1. How exciting that you are opening an Etsy shop! :)

    Do you have a recipe for the gluten free pizza dough? I'm trying to avoid wheat as much as possible these days.

    Okay, I'm going to find Pretty Little Liars on Netflix!! ;-)

  2. Heather - the pizza dough was actually a mix my mom bought...I think the brand was Bob's Red Mill. She found it in a health food store, I believe. It was pretty good :-)


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