Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Strawberry Banana "Mock"shake

I am on a bit of a high this week: we had our first weigh-in last Sunday for Prism, and I lost more than I expected!  I actually weigh less now than I did on our wedding day, and am .6 lbs away from my goal weight!  Also, I lost 2 inches around my waist!  (I also lost almost 2 inches around my bust.  What?!  I didn't need to lose ANY there, and hope I don't lose anymore! haha).

The fact that I basically hit my goal weight during phase 1 makes me really want to make a new goal weight, and lose 5 more lbs.  But I know that's a slippery slope, and I'm happy with the way I look and the way my clothes are fitting, so I'm going to simply work on maintaining during the next 6 weeks.  and if I happen to lose a little more, then great!  But that's not my goal. 

I was getting slightly tired of eating healthy, and even cheated a bit last week and had a few scoops of ice cream.  But after hearing that I've lost weight, I feel like I hit my second wind in this program!  I got more excited about having a healthy menu, and trying new recipes.  

Also, it helps that in the next phase of the program I'm allowed to have whole wheat flour, baked or boiled potatoes, and sugar-free frozen desserts!  You have no idea how excited I am to eat sugar free chocolate pudding!  

On top of that, I made a delicious dessert after lunch yesterday: a strawberry banana "mock"shake.

It's a "mock"shake instead of a milk shake because it does not include milk or ice cream.  Here are the details:

10 Strawberries
1 medium banana 
1 cup plain Greek yogurt
1 packet Stevia sweetener

Serves: 2



Cut up 10 strawberries

And a medium banana

Throw 'em in the blender with 1 cup plain Greek Yogurt (it has to be plain.  ANY flavored yogurt is filled with sugar, and you might as well be eating ice cream!)

Throw in 1-2 packs of Stevia sweetener, depending on your taste, and blend it all until liquified.

In about 5 minutes, you have a delicious dessert that tastes just like a milkshake!  With all the vitamins of fruit, and the protein of Greek yogurt.  And all only 137 calories (if you divide it in 2.  One person could easily eat the whole mixture, in which case it would be 274 calories. Not that I'm speaking from experience, or anything).

(Sorry for the bad picture quality.  I've got to start using a camera instead of my iPhone all the time)

This is so smooth and delicious!  Next I'm thinking about trying a chocolate peanut butter "mock"shake for those days when I just need to satisfy my sweet tooth!  


  1. I'm loving smoothies too! I just tried one with strawberries and blackberries and I used crystal light for the liquid. I know they have flavors with stevia that you should try! So good! I also add frozen spinach to up my veggie intake. I've found half a cup doesn't alter the taste as long as the banana is super ripe!

  2. Congrats on your weight loss Jessica! Your mockshake looks refreshing and so yummy!


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