Friday, June 22, 2012

High Five for Friday

Finally, it's Friday again!  And I am looking forward to an excellent, exciting weekend away in C-bus (Luke tells me not to call it that, but I just can't help it!).  I'm sure to be reporting frequent updates via Instagram (jessicaw1106 -- follow me!) and the Twit.

Anyway, last week was sort of the worst ever.  Luckily, I am a glass half full person, and have mustered up 5 highlights anyway:

1. I bought a new nail color this week: Essie's meet me at sunset.  Can I just tell you that I'm becoming an Essie snob?  And not just because it's trendy (okay, maybe a little bit) but because it really is the best!  It goes on so evenly, dries almost instantly, and shines perfectly.  I never used to paint my nails much, but have gotten into it this summer.  I've been asked more than once if I've had my nails professionally done (I haven't...not since prom in '03) and I think it's all because of Essie!  I love this new orangey shade.  I think it's great for summer.  The next color I want to add to my collected is turquoise and caicos.

2. I have been loving side ponies lately.  It is hard to figure out what to do with my course, curly hair on bad hair days.  Or *ahem* days when I am lazy and don't wash it (this does not happen often, I promise!). Recently I've been throwing it up in a quick side ponytail, and lo and behold, it actually works with my hairstyle!  ...and now you all are going to wonder if I washed my hair every time you see me like this...

3. I was having a horrible day on Wednesday, but my friend made it all better when she showed me her new kittens.  Please just try and think of a problem that kittens can't solve.  I bet you can't do it.

4. My friends and I have been furnishing and decorating a room for a new Christian home for recovering women.  This project was right up our alley, because we all love to decorate, and the room sort of became like a real Pinterest pinboard.  Ha!  anyway, it has been a real blessing to work on it, and my prayer is that it would be a blessing to the women who stay there too. 

5. We are puppy-sitting Max this week, and he has been fun!  He's a bit "vocal" (yeah, that sounds like a nice way to put it...) but we love him!  He stays at our house 2 or 3 times each year, and it's always fun.  The cats don't think so, but they always get over it!  I will be sad to see him go tomorrow.

Have a blessed weekend!


  1. I've been loving Essie polish this summer too, and I want to add more colors to my collection! I just have two right now, but you're right, it does go on so smoothly. I was a little disappointed at how badly it chipped the other day, but I'll blame it on my technique or something instead. :-)

  2. I love the room! I pray it will be a blessing as well.

    New follower from H54F.

  3. Love that color! I'm being an Essie snob too, actually. Don't feel bad! :)

  4. I love that nail color! And I'm becoming an Essie snob too... mostly because they have the prettiest colors! So don't feel bad! =)

  5. I had my Essie polish (in mint candy apple) on my high five this week, too! I love the room and that you are able to share your talent in that way. Awesome blessing!

  6. 1. Love Essie! That looks like such a pretty red. I'm on the hunt for a good red right now :) Turquoise & Caicos was my first Essie buy and still my favorite!
    2. Kittens will bring world peace.
    3. That rooms looks awesome! Love it!

  7. how neat that you are helping with that project - that room looks great! and love the side pony!

  8. Essie is one of my favorite polish brands!

  9. I have yet to try essie polish, but turquoise and caicos would be a top pick for me. Your nails look very pretty. I love your side pony. I have thick, curly hair and during the summer, pulling it back is the only way to survive the days.


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