Sunday, July 8, 2012

Date Day

Luke agreed to go on a little date with me this weekend, and nothing could have made me happier!  We clocked a bunch of quality time hours during our date on Sunday, so my heart was very happy!  Luke really doesn't have a whole lot of spare time right now since he's working two jobs, and when he chooses to spend some of that precious spare time with me, it makes me a happy wife!

We started our date at Outback Steakhouse, continued with some shopping, followed by a movie, and then ended with my first trip to Menchie's.

Date highlights: 
  • The Aussie cobb salad at Outback.  I am sick of salads, but decided to stay true to the diet today.  And this salad was surprisingly great! 
  • The fun things I found at Target:
A new journal, just for fun.  It says, "She's a dreamer, a doer, a thinker.  She sees possibility everywhere."  Hopefully I will be inspired every time I look at those words.  I can't wait to start filling the pages!

Some new nail polish, $1.99 apiece.  I saw someone post about this brand on Twitter or maybe a blog recently (I can't remember where, so let me know if it was you!)  I bought them, and tried them, and ended up hating both of the colors! ("rise and shine" on the left, and "easy going" on the right).  So instead of wasting two bottles of nail polish, I decided to be inventive, and I mixed the colors together.  It made a really pretty turquoise!  I feel kind of funny with turquoise nails (I'm usually a pink or red kind of girl) but I think it's growing on me! 
(ignore the smudge on my ring finger.  I didn't paint them fast enough, and the polish started to dry and made it difficult to go on smoothly).

And these therapy tools, found in the dollar spot.  One of my professors told my class to keep our eyes peeled at Target because their dollar spot has great therapy tools or reinforcement activities.  On this trip I found rhyming flash cards, alphabet bingo, and a dry erase board with a handwriting template on one side, and fun reinforcement games on the other.  I was so excited to make my first therapy-related purchases!  And for $1 apiece, you can't beat that!

...back to date highlights:
  • Seeing the new Spider-Man movie in 3D!  Luke and I were a little skeptical because we are huge fans of the Toby McGuire Spider-Man series (well, the first two in the series at least).  But we loved this new one even more!
  • Going to Menchie's without breaking any diet rules.  I got sugar-free raspberry frozen yogurt topped with chopped peanuts, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries.

This weekend contained so many blessings with our date day today, and then spending most of the rest of the weekend at the pool with friends!  And I think this week will be equally awesome with our 4-year anniversary on Thursday, and a possible trip to Presque Isle to celebrate together on Saturday!  These summer days are going way too fast, but I'm trying not to take any of them for granted!


  1. love that journal and i like the color of your nails!! I love finding deals for my classroom in the dollar spot! and impressive healthy choice for froyo - I have yet to go without adding chocolate something!

  2. That sounds like a great date! I always used to hit up the dollar spot for classroom materials- it's perfect for that!

  3. Date nights are the absolute BEST! so fun:) excited to find your blog!! love Katie

  4. I almost liked the new Spiderman better than the old ones too! It was really good.

    I think that was me that mentioned that brand! I'm sorry you didn't like the colors! They are a bit more wild, that's for sure, but I thought it went on really smoothly and lasted for a while! Hopefully it wasn't just a fluke. :-)


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