Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Year 4: The Memories

{I took an unplanned, 2 week break from my love languages series since it's a busy month with the 4th, and our anniversary.  I plan to continue next Wednesday.}

It's almost our 4-year anniversary, and I almost forgot to do an anniversary post this year, highlighting the fun times Luke and I shared in our fourth year of marriage.  I do this every year for my own memories.  It's always fun to look back on the things we did and the places we went during the year!

July 2011
We spent a weekend at Cedar Point to celebrate our anniversary.
I watched Luke play lots of softball on the nights he didn't have to work late. (summer is his busy season)

August 2011
More softball games
We went on a day shopping trip with JC to Grove City.  We are pretty much the Three Musketeers.
We also went to an Indians Game with my parents to celebrate my dad's birthday

September 2011
During this semester of classes, I was basically in Akron for half the week, and Luke was still working his second job a couple nights a week, so time together was scarce.  So most evenings we'd both get home around 8 and have a late dinner while we watched new episodes of our favorite shows.  Chill time at its finest. 
We went to another Indians game with our friends Alex and Michelle.  It was a cold, rainy night, but it was fireworks night, so that made up for it. 
October 2011
We had some date nights this month, including a lot to Di's volleyball games.  They are so fun to watch!
We also helped make donuts for our church's trunk-or-treat night with Luke's family and my mom.

November 2011
We celebrated my 27th birthday
We spent Thanksgiving back and forth between both sets of family.  Thanksgiving is one of my favorite days of the year, and this year as no different.  We had fun catching up with my family, playing games with his family all afternoon, and then staying up until 2 or 3 watching Friends. We always end up having Black Friday off from work/school, so we always stay up half the night on Thanksgiving night.  Just because we can!
The day after Thanksgiving we bought our Christmas tree and put it up, because this is our tradition. 


December 2011
Spent a fun night driving around, looking at Christmas lights together
As always, we spent Christmas day running around like crazy, visiting relatives.  Between Christmas Even and Christmas Day, we visited 7 different places!  It's always such a full day spent with family, and we love it!...however, we usually need about a week to recover afterwards!
We also went to our annual TSO concert a few days after Christmas with Luke's mom and sister.

January 2012
We had a really fun New Year's Eve and New Year's Day spent with friends and watching football.
Luke made us a new bed!  That's right, he made it all himself!  Isn't it gorgeous?
We found out our renters were moving out of our downstairs apartment at the end of the month, and it was a big faith-stretcher.  We had some big decisions to make!
February 2012
This was the craziest month since we moved into our house!  We decided to move into the downstairs apartment and rent out the upstairs one.  So we spent the entire month renovating it, with tons of help from our parents!
There were Valentines Day festivities in there somewhere, but all I remember is making Luke his favorite meal that night: brinner.  
March 2012
We finished our new place, and moved in!
We celebrated our newly finished apartment with, again, Luke's favorite meal: brinner.
I had major health problems during this time, and one day, Luke took half a day from work to meet me at the emergency room due to my allergies, and not being able to breathe.  I am so blessed to have someone who will drop everything, and come be beside me when I need him.
April 2012
Our new renters moved in upstairs this month -- into our old apartment.  This was a huge answer to prayer!
We spent Easter at church and then with our families, where we ate lots of great food, and played Mexican train all day.
We celebrated my acceptance into grad school!  This month was full of answered prayers.
May 2012
We celebrated Luke's 28th birthday with a small party for family and friends.
We partied all weekend long on Memorial Day weekend!  It was hot and beautiful, and we loved it!  We ended it at yet another Indians game.

June and a little July 2012
We've been spending lots of nights at the softball field, as another season is underway.
I went to my first ever tractor pull with Luke and some friends.  It was...interesting...
We headed down to Columbus for a weekend for Luke's cousin's wedding.  We had a blast at the wedding, and then spent the next day shopping. 
We had a fun 4th of July camping with friends, and dodging the storms!
We've also spent a lot of this HOT month so far in the pool at my parents, staying comfortable.

Until next time...

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  1. Wow! A whole year has gone by. I looked at the first picture of Cedar Point and I thought "Wasn't that just last month?" I love that I've been following your story for a long time!


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