Friday, July 27, 2012

High Five for Friday


TGIF!  I had a very busy week, and kept losing track of what day it was.  Ha!  So it doesn't even feel like Friday today, but I'm excited anyway!  Here are five highlights from my week:

1.On Sunday night I hung out with some awesome ladies...we took a walk for some ice cream, and then watched The Bachelorette finale.  Sometimes you just need some girl time!

2. I was traveling back and forth to Canton a lot during the first part of the week for Yearly Meeting.  I took back roads most of the way, because there isn't much I love more than a country drive with Jason Aldean blaring from my speakers.  

3. Luke had relatives visiting from Charlotte this week, so we spent a lot of time with the whole family, including Luke's adorable baby cousin, Lilly.  It was great spending so much time with family, and this cute face!

4. Included in that family time was a trip to Hartville on Thursday.  Hartville is just a cute town with lots of fun shopping and dining.  My favorite part is the Hartville marketplace & flea market.  We shopped for hours at the different booths full of jewelry, clothes, accessories, bags, food, books, furniture, etc.  Basically anything you could ever imagine.  So fun!  Luke wasn't able to come because he was at work, but I'm thinking it would be fun to have a date day there on a Saturday.

5. We've been going through a period of drought this summer here in Ohio.  On Thursday we had some amazing storms, and I loved every minute of it.  Along with country drives (see #2), thunder storms are another of my favorite things about summer. 

What things were you blessed by this week?


  1. Girl time is so important sometimes. I'm glad you had fun. And yay for some rain!

  2. Love Jason Aldean! Random question, but have you heard "Dirt Road Prayer" by Lauren Alaina? I think you'd like that song. Very soothing and she's talking about how she can always rely on God. :)

  3. That ice cream looks delicious. I could definitely go for a scoop right about now.


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