Sunday, July 15, 2012

Presque Isle

Luke and I took our anniversary day trip to Presque Isle, PA on Friday.  We were't sure what to expect since this was our first trip there, but what we found was a very peaceful place.  We were expecting a little more in the way of shopping or entertainment.  However, we decided that it was a great place to just get away for a day of relaxation.

There are about eleven different beaches on the peninsula.  We found one beach lined with picnic tables where we ate ham sandwiches for lunch.  We sat and faced the lake while we ate.  The sun was blazing, but the breeze was perfect.

After lunch we headed out to explore the peninsula, and found another beach that was much less crowded.  We staked out a spot in the sand and spread out our towels.  I devoured a few chapters of a good book, and Luke had a nice nap.  When the sun became too overwhelming, we took a dip in the lake.

 Later, we opted out of hiking or biking, because it was too hot, and somehow relaxing in the sun had exhausted us.  We decided to check out the nature center, which was full of exhibits and a cute gift shop.

There was also a big look-out tower that we wanted to check out.  Luke insisted we take the stairs, but it was worth the climb.  We had nice views of the lake peeking through the trees and of the fun carnival rides at a little park nearby.  (We almost visited that little park, but we thought $23 per person was a rip-off). 

We decided we had had our fill after that.  I'll admit that Presque Isle wasn't exactly what we were expecting (We were holding it up to Kelley's Island for comparison, and it didn't measure up).  Still, time away with Luke is always worth it, and I think we both felt refreshed afterward.  We stopped at Quaker Steak on the way home, and we were both in great moods after our day out.  I laughed afterwards and told him dinner was the best part of our day!  I guess we could have just driven 30 minutes down the road instead of 2 hours to Erie, PA!  But I think dinner was so enjoyable because we had spent our entire day relaxing and reconnecting.  

I don't know if we'd choose Presque Isle for a day trip again since we like something a little more fast-paced.  But it was a great anniversary trip nonetheless.  Now, on to make many more memories in this next year of marriage!


  1. Looks like a wonderful trip! Love the pictures. Hope yall had a fabulous Anniversary! :)

  2. so fun! what beautiful pictures!! happy anniversary!

  3. It looks like you had a lovely trip. I've been around PA quite a bit (Jersey girl right here) but I've never heard of Presque Island. You are a beautiful couple :) Newest follower ♥


  4. It looks like such a relaxing day! I wish we were closer to a beach . . .


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