Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Picture Post

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July weekend! I know I did, but I'm really ready to curl up in bed and sleep like a rock tonight! I'm tired!

Of course I have some pictures of our 4th of July party last night. I'll try to limit myself, and not overload everyone with pictures. I know I have a tendency to do that, especially on the weekends. But here are a few!
At the beginning of the evening, the guys played basketball
While the girls played cornhole. The longest game of cornhole every played. I guess we're not that good, but me and my cousin Sarah ended up winning!
Then we threw around the football until it was time to eatAnd the food was amazing. I ate way too much, and I think we all could barely move after we ate. We played cards for awhile after that. We couldn't handle too much physical activity when our bellies were so full! We played "Up and Down the River" which is a very fun and addicting card game.
Then some people played volley ball in the pool. It was too cold for me, though, so I just watched. Plus, I hurt my neck playing that in the water 2 weeks ago in the same pool, and it's STILL not totally better yet. It was fun to watch, since I didn't get in!It finally got dark, so we sat around a campfire
And watched illegal fireworks being set off by the was not too bad for an amateur show!
4 or 5 of the boys bought matching shirts at Phantom Fireworks. Because they are just that cool. :-PAfterwards, we all sat around the fire for a little bit longer. I was sitting on Luke's lap. All of a sudden Max, the dog I puppy-sat a few weeks ago jumped up on our laps. His owners are the people who hosted the party. So someone grabbed my camera and got a picture of the 3 of us. I thought it was cute! I think it's going to be my new facebook profile picture :-)
And that's all the pictures I have for this time. I always overload on pictures during the weekend. But that's okay, I'll be thanking myself in a few years when I've saved tons of memories through my blog.

Today was a pretty busy day as well. After church, Luke and I rushed to his softball games. After that, he and both of our dads started building the ramp for my grandma's apartment. It's almost finished!! Pictures of that to come. Our moms and sisters ended up coming over too, and we grilled burgers and made homemade fries and had a picnic dinner. It's been a fun weekend, but I think I'm all picniced out!

I'm a little nervous about tomorrow, because I'm going to my wedding photographer's pre-trial hearing. I guess all the 9 couples who had already filed reports before last week were subpoenaed for tomorrow's hearing. So I'm thinking that the same might happen to me for her actual trial in August, after I file my report. So I'm heading to the courthouse with my mom tomorrow so I can turn in the report (I haven't gotten to it yet since I needed to collect a few more things from my bank and so forth) and go to her hearing...I want to kind of know what to expect and what it will be like if I have to go in August. I'm a little nervous for some reason, even though all I'll be doing is watching tomorrow!

Well I will try to lay off the pictures a little bit this week! I'll probably be remiscing a lot in my posts since my 1 year anniversary is in exactly 1 week from today...I can't believe Luke and I are about to start our second married year together! But more about that another day :-D


  1. Looks like an amazing weekend! Hope everything goes well today at the trial. Good luck!

  2. Fun! Those cookies and that cake are so pretty! I hope everything goes well today!!! Keep us updated!!


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