Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Hobby

My Mom let me borrow her copy of Digital Image Pro last night, because I was just itching to play around with some of my photos. I took all of my favorite pictures that I've taken with my new camera, and edited them. It is addicting, and so much fun! I started my own flickr account where I'm going to put just my FAVORITE pictures, because my facebook account is getting overloaded with photos and albums, and I thought this was a good way to organize the best ones. So check it out if you are interested. Here's a sneak peak of 2 of my favorite photos.
I went out to lunch and shopping with my mom today. She had to stop at Staples to buy a new fax machine for work, so while she did that, I drooled over the cameras. I know I just got a new one, but I really want a nice, professional camera, not just a point and shoot. I've gotten so into photography lately for some reason! I definitely want to get one before we have kids, so I can take lots of great pictures of my babies as they grow up! I also looked at the camcorders, because I think that will be something that we'll want once we have kids, too. So that's my wishlist right now I guess. I'll have to start saving some of my splurge money!

I've noticed that since I've gotten a little more into photography, I've started to seriously see the world differently. I notice things...things that I wouldn't have looked twice at before now are beautiful to me. I notice God's beautiful creation more, and other fun little blessings. I love it! Never thought I would be this into it, either!


  1. Beautiful pictures! I am super interested in getting some good editing software, and I just figured out that a friend of mine was offered an amazing deal from her college, for a copy of Adobe's PhotoShop for 12 dollars! She already had it, but bought a copy just in case, so I am picking it up from her this week! Exciting!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the sky picture!!! and you blog is so awesome, there is so much stuff on here! how do u do all of this! haha this is sweet!


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