Monday, July 13, 2009

Anniversary Fun

Luke and I had lots of fun celebrating our 1-year anniversary this weekend! Here are some highlights :-)

1. My grandparents got us some beautiful pink lilies for our 1-year. They were the exact same kind of flowers I used in my wedding! So special. But Gabby didn't care that they were special to us (well, me) and thought it would be fun to see what they taste like, while I was in the shower. I'm still not sure how she opened the door to my bedroom, or climbed up the 4-foot-tall dresser, but here was the end result when I finally found her:She was in trouble! I still have the flowers displayed on my dresser, but they are missing petals and look weird now. Gabby was embarrassed and kept rolling over and putting her hands over her face and crying. It was cute, and of course I couldn't stay mad at her for long.
2. We had an anniversary date night on Saturday. We went to Macaroni Grill, a great Italian restaurant. I had never been there, but had heard good things about it. It was great! The food was good and so was the atmosphere. Very dim, romantic lighting. There was a lady who went from table to table singing beautiful Italian songs. There were fun elements too, like the fact that the table cloths were actually white paper that you could draw on while you wait for your food (we did!) And in the bathroom there are Italian language lessons coming out over the speakers. I ordered the chicken rigatoni, and it was to die for! Probably one of the best restaurant meals I've ever eaten. Plus, the waiter gave us some free chocolate cake because it was our anniversary! That was probably the highlight of our evening ;-)After that, we went to Tinseltown to see "The Proposal." It was one of the funniest movies I've seen in awhile. Luke even liked it, and he doesn't usually like romantic comedies.

3. We had a busy day on our actual anniversary, Sunday. First we went to church, then hurried to eat a quick lunch and head out to Luke's softball games, where I got extremely sunburnt! When the games were over, we visited with Luke's grandparents because his grandpa just had knee replacement surgery. We had just enough time after that to take quick naps and head over to my parents house. They had invited us over for a steak dinner! It was delicious, and we had fun talking about vacation most of the evening. Oh, and after our dinner we all ate our year-old wedding cake. We decided to share it with them since my parents had kept it in their freezer all year. I'm just gonne be was gross. The fact that it had been frozen for 365 days had really dried it out. We all only ate a few bites and then we threw the rest away.
Yum! Steak, cheesy garlic breadsticks, and cheesy potatoes. Plus fruit and salad that's not pictured. What a delicious picnic dinner at Mom and Dad's.
4. Luke and I decided that our date night was our gift to one another. But we both got each other cards, and Luke got me some chocolate. His parents got us a gift card to Carrabbas, so I guess we're going out for Italian again soon! I adore Carrabbas! My parents got us some more of my Mikasa Italian Countryside dishes. I've been building my collection since our wedding. It was very sweet of all of them to give us gifts! I guess I wasn't expecting that.

And I think that's everything! Definitely a fun, busy weekend. Next weekend we're escaping. We are going camping from Fri. night until early Sun. morning (so we can go home, shower, and make it to church on time) with 3 other couples. I haven't really been TENT camping since I was in high school with the youth group, and I've certainly never had to plan and prepare a whole meal over a fire for 8 people back then! Each couple is in charge of a meal. My cousin Rachel and I kind of took over the meal planning, so we just so happened to end up with the 2 biggest meals. She and her husband are in charge of breakfast on Saturday morning (we do breakfast BIG when we're camping!!) and Luke and I are in charge of dinner on Saturday night. I'm thinking about maybe just making some marinated chicken or even just doing burgers. With our special "Campin' Potatoes" (I'll explain those more another time :-)). Are there any other campers out there who know of any delicious side dishes I could make to go with our dinner??

Have a fabulous Monday!!


  1. It sounds like you had a WONDERFUL anniversary! Congrats!

    I love Macaroni Grille tooo! So good!

  2. My parent's cat does the same thing with flowers! I went to the store with my dad to pick up flowers for my mom and he calls them "cat appetizers" LOL! :)

  3. girl you did get a sunburn! ;) We didn't even bother to keep our cake topper. I'll just make us another one on our anniversary - one we'll actually eat. =)

    Sounds like ya'll have another busy weekend ahead!

  4. Sooo much to say! First of all, I had no idea cats could be embarrassed! I read that part 3 times and laughed each time picturing it! Secondly, I'm so glad we weren't the only ones with gross frozen cake....and we ate ours at our 1 month anniversary! Thirdly, I was shocked that you had never been to Maccaroni Grill. Isn't their bread and dip great? Ideas for camping sides: we try to include loads of veggies, so we usually throw sweet potatoes wrapped in tin foil in the embers of the fire, or an assortment of veggies with a little bit of water and salt into a "pouch" made of foil for each person!

  5. Thanks for the tips, Brittney! Those vegetable pouches sound delicious :-)

  6. Sounds like a fun day! I thought it was funny you had an anniversary mishhap too - my cake and your flowers. Those pets - but you can't help but love them anyway.


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