Thursday, July 2, 2009

4th Weekend Plans

So what am I looking forward to this 4th of July weekend?

- I have to submit my narrative statement to the police today or tomorrow about all of my contact with my photographer. Not looking forward to it. I have a small fear of policemen. I have had bad experiences with them the 3 times I've had to file a report before, the third time the man was particularly rude, and mean, even! But I know they're not all like that, and I need to grow up :-P

- Luke has the day off tomorrow!

- I am heading to Boardman to shop with Luke and my sister in law, Diana tomorrow. They had a specific reason for going, but I don't remember what that was! Ha! So hopefully it involves going to the mall, because I need a new purse.

-Luke and I are going to one of the parks where he works on Friday night for fireworks. I told him to stake us out a good spot today ;-) He says he doesn't think he can do that since the fireworks aren't until tomorrow night. Bummer, guess we'll have to leave early like everyone else!

-During the course of the weekend, we are starting the landscaping on our house (finally!) Luke is pulling out all of the overgrown shrubbery around the front of the house, and replacing it with nicer, prettier things. Then he and our dads are building a ramp for my grandma's apartment (which is attached to our house) and once that is in, Luke's going to make flower beds for me that go all along the side of ghe house! Yay!!! (I know this will probably take longer than one weekend, however.

-Saturday night is our annual 4th of July party at our friends' house. They have an awesome swimming pool, a huge yard where the guys plan on setting off illegal fireworks (they do this every year), and everyone will be bringing lots and lots of food.

-Sunday Luke has afternoon softball games, and I hope to spend the rest of the day by my parents' pool.

-I also hope to sign up for my medical transcription program this weekend. I've decided on taking the courses from Penn Foster Career College online, because it was the cheapest program I found. And I believe that's where my mother-in-law got certified. I have talked to my mom about my career change, and she is being very supportive, so I'm happy. My dad's going to be the tough one, I think. But I'm super excited to begin this big change!! And to know that Luke and I aren't going to have any school debt. (Our colleges are paid off already) Dave Ramsey would approve!

-And it's supposed to be sunny and in the upper 70s, low 80s ALL. WEEKEND. Perfect 4th of July weather!!

So I have lots of fun stuff coming up this long weekend. Be expecting lots of pictures throughout the course of the always ;-)


  1. I'll be following your progress as you go through your medical transciption program. I had thought of doing that before for the benifit if working from home, but I'm always so wary of scams. BTW- have you been having any issues with blogger lately? I wrote a post last night that was set to post itself at 11am this morning, and it didn't. I had to go in and post it manually which defeats the purpose. Also, I just signed into my blogger dashboard and it says that I am not following any blogs, when this morning all 20 that I read where there!

  2. Pooside sounds fantastic! Have an amazing weekend!!

  3. sounds like you will have a great weekend!! I just found your blog randomly and wanted to say hello :)

  4. Happy Fourth of July weekend! I hope you have a nice time. God Bless America!


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