Friday, July 24, 2009


We all know that no one is perfect. But Luke and I seem to have one joint flaw that has probably caused us to lose lots of money. That flaw is that we are apparently very discontent people. But only when it comes to electronics.

Let me start at the beginning. It was the winter before Luke and I got married. Winters in Ohio can be brutal. So brutal, that I find it easier to stay indoors as much as possible, and only leave when it is absolutely necessary. However, staying indoors so much can almost drive a person crazy. By February, I'm usually so sick of being inside that I am ready to move south. Luckily, Luke had a brilliant idea that winter. He had a little extra money one month, and decided that the answer to all our (and our friends') problems was to buy a Nintendo Wii.And it worked! It really made those last winter months a little bit more bearable. It gave us something to do together, and with our friends. It was even an exercise machine for me. Over spring break that year I think I lost some weight and toned some muscles playing Wii tennis and Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games (my personal favorite Wii game).

Alas, like all things, it lost it's luster. By the time summer rolled around, we got married, and forgot about the Wii. We played it maybe 4 or 5 times in 3 months. Finally Luke brought up the situation, and suggested that we make some money by selling it. I reluctantly agreed. He sold it to a man who planned on giving it to his son for Christmas, which I thought was sweet.

Around Christmas, I started to feel the void that had been left from selling the Wii, and decided that I needed something to fill it. That November I bought Rock Band for Luke for Christmas, knowing that he'd love it, and so would I! During Thanksgiving break, Luke's friend let us borrow his Guitar Hero game, which is essentially the same as Rock Band. We had so much fun playing it, that Luke got excited and had to show me the Christmas gift that he had bought for me/us. Guess what he bought? Yep...Rock Band. He couldn't wait until Christmas to start using it. I just laughed and rolled my eyes when I saw it, and told Luke that I had bought him the exact same thing. We returned one of them to Wal-Mart, and our lives literally revolved around Rock Band that Christmas season. We loved it, and played it all the time.

Around spring, Rock Band also lost it's luster. We just stopped playing it. There was no point for it to be sitting in our house, so we decided, again, to sell it. This was about 2 months ago. Guess what?? We're feeling that void again! We've had extra money sitting around in our account for about a month, and we've been trying to decided what to do with it. Should we add it to our emergency fund? Put it in our house down payment fund?

Nope...we've decided that the best thing that we could do with our money is....

Buy another Wii. It's a sick cycle, I tell ya! What's going to happen in 4 months when we're bored with the Wii again???

I'm putting my foot down this time. Because everytime we make one of these trades, we lose money. We had a bunch of games for the Wii, 4 controllers, 2 nunchucks, 4 steering wheels for Mario Kart, cool, multi-colored controller covers, and probably even more that I'm forgetting about. We sold all of that to the man that bought the Wii for much less than we bought it for. And now we're probably going to buy some of that stuff back again. Yes, I've decided. We are KEEPING this Wii. And we are USING it!!!

There is one reason that I think the Wii will stick, at least for me this time:
I know this is a pretty expensive item too, but hopefully in the next few months I'll be able to scrounge up enough splurge money to buy it. When Luke first brought up the subject of buying another Wii, I was aprehensive. His selling point was reminding me about Wii Fit. Which I'm super excited about! Secretly, I think Luke's excited about it too. Not because of my recently added poundage, but because I keep complaining about those pounds and not doing a single thing about them! Yeah, that's gotta be annoying for him.

Tonight we are heading out to GameStop to see if they have a refurbished Wii for a low price. So we aren't for sure getting one tonight, but we are definitely looking. And hopefully this will end our sick cycle of discontentment!


  1. I loved playing the Wii. We don't have any game systems like that (in fact, we don't even have a TV at the moment) but I certainly have my bouts of discontentment!

    btw, I like the new layout! :)

  2. Ha! Well, I hope you enjoy your Wii for many years to come this time! I always thought the Wii looked fun, but we only have an Xbox. And I'm not into video games enough to justify buying it. Maybe someday.

  3. make sure you keep it this time :) They have rock band for wii too! haha. I have a wii and I don't play it as much as I want {actually it has been at my friend's house since march due to me having school so I just left it there}. But I do love the wii fit! Some of the games are really hard!

  4. We got our Wii last Christmas. Right Side was not being very helpful in telling me what he wanted for Christmas, and one week before the 25th, he mentions he would like a Wii. Do you know how hard it is to find a Wii one week before Christmas? I called stores that had answering machines set up with the outgoing message as "We do NOT have any Wiis." Finally I found one, and let me tell you, I was so paranoid driving to the store, that I was actually thinking everyone on the road heading in the same direction had found out they were in stock too, and they were all going to beat me to the store.
    If you do get another Wii, we should connect through the internet and play Mario Kart together! (Right Side can even teach you how to modify the system and get games for free, if you are into that kind of thing...)

  5. Chandra: I'll have to let you know if we get one, and if we get mario kart! We used to connect to luke's sister's Wii and play with her and her husband. It was fun! So yeah, I'll let ya know :-)

  6. Patrick and I struggle with this, too. For me, it tends to be clothes or beauty products that will make me less discontented with myself.

    For Patrick, it's technology that makes our lives easier and more efficient.

    We pray about this, and try to think through all purchases. But we are human.

    However, I have heard great things about the WiiFit. I think, as long as it's a thought-out purchase, and you can afford it, go for it!


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