Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wedding Wednesday: The Rehearsal

I will probably post some details about the wedding and reception this weekend, and then may keep going with the Wedding Wednesday posts for 2 more Wednesdays, to share about our honeymoon and the first few weeks as newlyweds. And then I will give it a rest. lol

Let me set this up a little bit. Our pastor just began working at our church about 2 years before my wedding. He is an old family friend who grew up down the street from my dad. They were really good friends all through school, and I've known him and his family forever, so it was special to have him be the one to marry us. He is a very eccentric guy. I knew I had to make a detailed schedule for all that I wanted to happen during the ceremony logistically. I'm not sure if our pastor followed it too much the first time we ran through the ceremony. But by the second time, we finally got it! lol.

When it came to the "You may kiss the bride" part during rehearsal, Luke jokingly lifted me off the ground and kissed me, since I was so much shorter than him. I thought about it, and decided it would be cute if he did that during the ceremony! I was glad our kiss was unique, and everyone was talking about it afterwards, so I think it was a good idea! Although during the rehearsal, his nice sunglasses were clipped to the top of his shirt, and I smashed them and bent them! He was not happy, and had to buy another pair on our honeymoon!

After the rehearsal was, obviously, our rehearsal dinner. Luke's parents put it together, and decided to have a picnic with everybody at their house! I thought it was a perfect idea since it would be a warm July evening. They had it catered and the food was delicious! After our meal, there were lots of games to play, there was a bonfire, and Luke's band even played for awhile! I was glad we could just all have fun together that night instead of being too formal.

So here are a few pictures of our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Carrying my bow bouquet made my my bridesmaid, Lindsey
Practicing the kiss ;-)Delicious food at the dinner
Hanging out with the bridesmaidsPassing out gifts, in pink bags of course!Last picture together before we were married! I remember saying that right before it was taken :-)
So that was the rehearsal. The perfect way to spend the night before the wedding. Be looking for posts recapping the wedding and reception this weekend!


  1. Cute! We liked the idea of having an informal relaxed rehearsal dinner too! It kept everyone a little more sane, I think!

  2. I love the dress you cute! :) We had a very relaxed rehearsal dinner as well since we were all going to be dressed up so formal for the wedding. :D

  3. Fun!!! I love that you took "the last picture" befor eyou were married! ha ha

  4. I love your first kiss idea! So original!

  5. Thanks for stopping by!

    Great to meet someone from Ohio! I feel the same way...we are few and far between :)

  6. I love your dress! The pattern is really pretty!


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